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An Unstoppable Force

You have no doubt heard of the classic paradox, of what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object. It seems quite evident that something akin to this is playing out on the world stage.

The unstoppable force, to me, is the force of truth, of righteous anger, of authentic human nature and ever-evolving, adaptive organic life; the love incomparable, the soul immeasurable, the incalculable impulse that lives permanently inside each of us, whether we live by and acknowledge it, or not.

The immovable object, is the globalist agenda, the archaic hierarchy, the priestly caste, the ancient families, the Sabbatian Luciferian cult, etc. It goes by many names, has worn many masks, but at its essence, it is merely an idea, derived of synthetic, mechanistic, and materialistic perversion. It is for control, manipulation, long-term and widespread dehumanization and imminent, persistent, cyclical spiritual warfare.

When you witness the progression of events that lead the vast majority of humanity to abide by restrictions of no legitimately scientific, medical nor rational reasoning, based on complete fiction proliferated by the state and their media, you are witnessing the effects of the agenda.

Some of us are old enough, or perhaps sufficiently well-read, to have observed these repetitive events play out, time and again, throughout recent history. Some of us have friends or relatives who escaped nations and states where the populace had been living under severe conditions – circumstances that most likely seemed innocuous in their early stages, but inevitably evolved into absolute, absurd, psychopathic abuse, oppression, and control – all for the common good. It’s a predictable, slippery slope. It is weak-minded, immoral behavior that is savored by those content with the lowest hanging fruit, from the most toxic of trees.

Yet, their ill-gotten gains are forever to be as transient and superficial as their desires. All of them have failed before. They will continue to fail, though the havoc they may wreak in the midterm can be significant.

Ultimately, we have to decide.

We, the creator beings, born sovereign and real, must stand in our intrinsic power and choose either to be complacent, complicit, absentmindedly consenting and complying to the inane, insane and delusional, or to rise again with the deepest knowing, the highest calling, embodying the truth of who and what we are.

It’s not just about pushback and protests. That’s childish, and entirely expected, planned for and easily used against us. The systems we live within have been weaponized, and you need to be aware, alert, and willing to examine, challenge and face your own deepest fears.

It is about spiritual resilience, depth of character, and living through and within our heart-soul essence, adopting an absolute resolve that regardless of outer appearances, the battle is already won. There is no alternative.

In this way, our unstoppable force will never wane, never fade, never die. It is as infinite as our universal selves, always available, always greater in scope, scale, and dimension than those who would greedily feed off and be opposed to it.

Know it. Live it. Now.

Solvitur ambulando