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To Daze Forecast

By now, any reasonable, thinking adult can see that the UN, WHO, CDC, WEF, IMF, and all of their cronies, cannot be trusted whatsoever – this, of course, includes nearly all the world’s governments, as they are today. It’s a shame, but the utterly failed experiments are woefully inept, corruptible, and hastening the fall of a civilization.

It’s disheartening, but, we don’t need them. So, how shall we proceed? It’s crunch time, in ways. Aspects of our reality are on a runaway train, and unfortunately, they are dragging with them the linchpins of our modern way of life; how we live is founded on fiction, artifice, and facade; fake money, fake material needs, fake scarcity, fake news, fake beliefs.

The constructs are fragile, but we are not, nor is our Mother Nature. Life is affirmed in countless ways, with every breath. Don’t believe the hype. The earth, as with our body, naturally moves toward health and balance. Always. We’ve been conditioned to fear what presents, rather than trust in life.

Assume responsibility. Take care of yourself, your family, your own back yard. Keep your kids out of public schools, out of hospitals and away from doctors and their pharmaceutical overlords. Aim to grow your own food, preserve, and share the excess. Any technology you own may in fact own you, so be deliberate, disciplined, patient and considered where and in what ways you invest your time, energy, mental resources and money.

Life is beautiful, when you think about it. Pause, and breathe. Why listen to those with profits to make, agendas to hide, delusions of grandeur, and predictions of doom? The harder they have to push, the more coercive and extreme they get, the more obvious their game. Look for it.

Be open to something different. Anyone who needs to use guilt, shame, bullying, or force is not acting out of integrity or truth. A country is only an idea. One way to do it. What’s next?

Take off the mask.

Solvitur ambulando