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All the World’s a Stage

As one delves deeper into unraveling the true nature of things, it becomes increasingly evident that nothing about this world defines much in the way of certainty. It’s all theater, variations on themes, recycled myths, stories and narratives, and endless apparent cycles of birth, death, and renewal. What do we really know about the truth of anything?

We live in a time when nearly every aspect of our reality can be argued for or against with enough logic and theory to make it convincing and plausible. The problem is that many of the rules and laws and belief structures we exist within are not only theoretical in nature, they’re incomplete and largely unprovable. For example, germ theory is the fallacious, backward logic used to instill fear, to justify vaccine hysteria, and is the basis for over a century of menacing medical industry practices.

Meanwhile, we carry on with our daily, weekly, monthly and yearly routines, assuming that something will make sense about it all one day before we pass on. Or, we simply choose to remain oblivious, and to not engage in any deeply critical thinking on the matter, because who has the time? Who knows for sure? Who can we trust?

Is mythology, revisionist history, and religious adherence to simplistic nonsense sufficient for living a fulfilling life? Why question something if it mostly works? Why would “they” lie about everything?

Why, indeed.

The media today is in 100% hoax mode, parroting and relaying the curated narrative, rather than investigating and questioning the state. Nothing offered over the airwaves holds water, and everything is about optics and maintaining the narrative. Fear, scarcity, control. It’s a deeply malicious spectrum of manipulation that now employs the most advanced technology to keep the majority of the human populace dumb, daft, afraid and stupid. It’s difficult to say it in any other way, especially when observing the astonishing pace at which countless millions were convinced to don a previously useless article of fashion on their face, while lining up to be jabbed in the arm with a toxic, experimental, unnecessary concoction… repeatedly, forever!

The media’s the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. Because they control the minds of the masses.

Malcolm X

Doctors, politicians, public officials, military, and police forces are all now crisis actors. Some by choice, many by force, indoctrination, and coercion. Nearly everything coming at us from multiple vectors is entirely terror-inducing fiction. Why?

Is it as simple as corralling our innate and inherent powers, limiting our potential, and harvesting our resources and creative energies? That seems basic, but it explains much of the machinations of the controlling perpetrators.

Who is so afraid of us and what we are capable of?

The running jokes of government, politics, academia, finance, commerce, entertainment, science, and medicine are to me evidence enough that much of our world is dramatically askew, contradicting and conflicting with that which would be considered natural and harmonic. Certainly, there is apparent complexity and utility to much of it, but just because we’ve complicated everything, doesn’t make it right and necessary and good.

If all we engage with and aim to achieve in life is colored with an element of struggle – requires pain and suffering, tremendous cost, sacrifice and massive effort, perpetuates competition and animosity between us, consistently diminishes us with chronic illness and premature death – doesn’t that suggest it’s all very likely founded entirely on lies and distortions?

Cui bono?

I would say to question everything, but that is utterly exhausting. Our once familiar world is unraveling before our eyes at a disorienting pace, so it’s likely best to simply get off the crazy train for a while. See what comes up, but don’t cling to anything, nor be convinced of the veracity of the latest revelations and disclosures. This issue is centuries deep, millennia wide, and will not offer us much sensemaking and solace in the short term.

For now, challenge your presumptions related to the minimization and sequestration of your greater nature; you are not small, you are not weak, you are not subject to oppressive laws and legal fictions.

You are a living man or woman, and while they cannot force you into slavery, they can convince you to enslave yourself.

Arise from fear.

Solvitur ambulando