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Something of a Phenomenon

What if the sun is a local phenomenon? It sure behaves as if it is. How does that alter your perception of this realm? Does it make you cringe? Angry? Laugh out loud? Or does it affirm what you’ve suspected for a while now?

It doesn’t matter to me. My purpose in this life is to shine a light on the lies, the shadows, and the darkness. In three words, it is quite literally to amplify the light. It is not to polarize, separate, and divide; it is to unify, intensify, and make vibrant and evident that which is real.

What does that mean? To me, without light, we cannot see. Nothing registers in our field of perception. Human eyes are designed in such a way they allow us to experience our material and sensorial reality as an apparent physical universe all around us. But light is also levity, liberation, truth, love, and a spiritual unfettering.

To me, it means to expose fabrications, distortions, and misrepresentations of nature that are observable and authentic. I am not claiming to be infallible. I’ve believed many ridiculous things and trusted many ridiculous people and their misguided, uneducated, and ignorant ideas. I have believed in many strange and uncommon concepts and those considered to be esoteric, obscured, and occult things in this lifetime. And I have had to let most of them go because they simply do not fit the model anymore. I’ve had to slowly, surely, and through a remarkable waste of time, energy, and resources, reduce all the incessant noise and make the effort to distill it all back to its original substance. The goal is to shift the direction of energetic flow from constant input and information gathering to output and a truer collaboration with whatever it is that impels me to create.

So, back to the local phenomenon known poetically as “the sun.” I wrote a song once called “See The Sun,” and it is still one of my best. It means to see the truth in all things — to see what’s real about your nature, and what is real about the nature that surrounds, supports, and sustains you. Let go of the stories, the narratives, the indoctrination, and the life-suppressing calamity and ubiquitous negativity. Understand your deeper purpose here and recognize that you haven’t the time to waste in perpetual fear, anxiety, worry, and terror that is based entirely on the lies perpetuated by those who simply can’t be and do any different.

The sun has been observed to do many strange things over the millennia. One of which is to stop, reverse its movement, and then start again. What? Have you heard of Fatima and what happened in 1917 in Portugal, as seen by tens of thousands of observers? Is it any wonder that some “ancient” civilizations simply didn’t trust the sun? Watch Jason’s video to get a quick sampling of things he has read about in some very old books and has researched otherwise in his decades of chronological study. He is but one of many scholars and intellects who, throughout recent history, have come to the conclusion that what is perpetuated in the zeitgeist and collective story is not what has been observed to be true.

If you believe the sun to be a local star and to be a burning ball of gas tens of millions of miles away, and that we live on an orb that is pathetically minuscule in comparison, that the Earth spins at ferocious velocity, and that it rotates on an axis and also orbits that ball of gas — a ball that will eventually run out of fuel — that’s fine. I used to believe that as well — and in outer space, and in warp speed, and in dark matter, and in supernovas, big bangs, black holes, and in atom bombs — and yes, even in viruses. It’s so complicated, isn’t it? “Science” works so hard to fill in all the blanks, and if it can’t, it just keeps making shit up in its place, and then THAT becomes the truth from which all other science is based? What?

Today, I believe many of these things are nonsense, clever and devious stories repeated ceaselessly to keep the majority of humanity afraid, small, confused, isolated, disconnected, and absolutely unsure of where they are, where they stand, who and what they really are, or why they’re here.

Do you believe it is by accident that there is a steady stream of movies, shows, and books about the alleged World Wars, about civil war, zombies and outbreaks, post-apocalyptic life, alien invasions and abductions, the moon landing, godzilla and dinosaurs, climate disasters, psycho killers and stalkers, and transhumanism? It’s not. There is a powerful and persistent negative bias across all media, and it affects you in ways you’re not even aware of.

I’ve watched the same shows and films and have read many of the same books that you have. I have been emotionally moved, invested, and inspired by the same characters, archetypes, fictions, historical accounts, and poetic representations over and over again. I think you would agree that what’s real — in fact, the only thing that is real about entertainment — is the human element. It is the story, the journey, overcoming, transformation, the road out into the wilderness, and discovery, understanding of self, of purpose, and recognizing that this is the same road that brings you back home.

And so, today, in my view, it makes perfect sense that the sun is a local phenomenon. It makes sense that the sky, the sky clock, and the vast and impressive stellarium over us move, but we do not. I don’t know what will make perfect sense tomorrow. But, in truth, there is no such thing as tomorrow either.

Solvitur ambulando