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Tag: social engineering

Status Quo, Part 4: Escalation

It appears that at least once per generation, and on numerologically significant dates, events are orchestrated to shock and traumatize the human collective. The unsuspecting masses are abruptly interrupted and knocked unsteady while simply living their lives, enjoying familiar routines, pursuing their careers or vocations, practicing their arts or trades, bettering themselves, or providing for their families.

Firestarter: On Being a Man

As men, we have aspirations, desires, goals, and aims, and as a result, we tend to be hard on ourselves on a regular basis; giving ourselves shit for taking too long to get an idea (or our careers, or families) started, not earning enough, not having enough confidence, not being healthy or strong enough, being a beta male, p-whipped whiner — whatever it is. It’s alright! This is natural, par for the course, and very, very common, even among the most successful, rich, and wealthy.