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Commit to it. The more you dabble, wish-wash, flip-flop and dally — since we know the universe only knows “yes” — the more you’ll exist in a state of chaos and confusion. You’ll fall back into and endlessly repeat patterns based on your established beliefs.

When you commit, you generate the space for images, ideas and energies to coalesce. This always leads to increased focus, clarity, decisiveness and purposeful existence. If nothing else, you’ll discover more quickly if something is not for you!

People, opportunities, circumstances and situations don’t just come along by accident, though they may at first seem fortuitous or coincidental — or, they may appear tragic, unfortunate and hopeless. Remember the greater reality and the deep truth of the rhythms and reasons for our existence here. It’s a lot more than simply wake, eat, work, sleep, die…

When you commit, you are willing and open to face your fears, traumas, wounds and frozen or stagnant energies. Shit will happen! Stuff will come up. You may be revisiting all sorts of painful triggers and unresolved emotions. You may also, finally, transcend, transmute and liberate yourself along the way.

The personality who commits cannot exist in the same mind and body of the one who believed themself unworthy or without courage. Commitment is daring. Daring greatly is walking with, and as, Love.

You were created as an image, a conjoint creation with Unity, encompassing and exhibiting the diverse energies of the universe. Your purpose is to find joy in its expression.

There is truly nothing that needs doing, so commit to being the real you.

Solvitur ambulando