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What’s the rush? Why do we believe there’s ever a need to hurry anything?

Much of it comes from ceaseless nonsense in the mainstream groupthink, wherein the world is perpetually on the brink of disaster. How it ever became fashionable to live in constant fear and panic is not entirely a mystery. Yet, if we learned anything in 2020, it’s that there was and is no way to hurry a fix, to rush a solution, nor any way to ever, ever flatten the curve.

Everything is framed in a delusional state of instantly-solved-or-fail, and the result is outright chaos and perpetual anxiety, and elderly couples wearing face shields walking along the beach. It’s all lies, a distorted fiction that’s conditioned us to believe we are in some way able to control everything, while the results show quite dramatically that life has its own pace, regardless of our hubris. And what we do not see is that while we’re busying ourselves in largely futile attempts at distraction, trying to make a full calendar seem like a productive, fulfilling one, the world has changed enormously, irreparably all around us.

We’re desperate for “normal” to return, while an interim reality has taken hold, albeit a terribly dysfunctional one. Humanity has never existed in such persistent emotional extremes, and many are suffering for it, while others are in complete denial. We cannot rush to heal such a monumental, life-altering trauma as has been delivered to us en masse in these past months. No matter your cognitive capacity, nor your depth of emotional resilience, it has undeniably affected you, your friends, and your family – and may well continue to do so for some time.

What is essential now is to regain a broader perspective, and to make time for decompression, exhalation, and spiritual and psychic rejuvenation. Our higher faculties have been taxed like never before, and many of us aren’t thinking at all about what we’re doing. We’re just following along, blindly and unconsciously adapting to the most unnatural of circumstances. It needs to stop, but more importantly, it needs to be reframed and defused.

Whatever the agendas may be, of whomever or whatever is trying to impose yet more polarity in an already imbalanced world, we remain, ultimately, the beginning and the end of it. Truly. Nothing matters here without the human factor. This all exists so that we may be, or we’d be elsewhere, right?

Stop devaluing, berating and erasing yourself. Stop hurrying for the next, the best, the final answer, the ultimate solution. You breathe, you think, you walk, you stumble… you live. There can be no urgency here – not for anything authentic and solid and lasting and real.

Healing is a process, communication is an art, and understanding is a life’s work.

And I remind you, there is no known end, nor edge to the universe. There is only more to imagine and explore, to seek, to wonder, to play.

Solvitur ambulando