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Tag: sun

Something of a Phenomenon

What if the sun is a local phenomenon? It sure behaves as if it is. How does that alter your perception of this realm? Does it make you cringe? Angry? Laugh out loud? Or does it affirm what you’ve suspected for a while now? It doesn’t matter to me. My purpose in this life is to shine a light on the lies, the shadows, and the darkness. In three words, it is quite literally to amplify the light. It is not to polarize, separate, and divide; it is to unify, intensify, and make vibrant and evident that which is real.

The Persistent Glow

Father Sun, Mother Earth, how complete is the nature of life. We cannot have a balance without the polaric dance, we cannot know contrast without the two. So, we suffer by the choice to ignore the obvious and plain, to gather and to extrapolate the grander essence of the vast expressions underneath.