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The Lonely Journey

These are times of great change, and some would argue that it’s accelerating. As a result, individually, we can effect a certain isolation because so much is coming to the surface, so fast. Or, we stave off the process by diving into perpetual busyness and the mad, unfulfilling rigmarole of the matrix.

We have to remember, that we are never alone. Everyone, everywhere is experiencing their own variation of energetic, spiritual, and very personal upheaval.

Those of us who feel compelled to constantly improve — and are thus compelled to inspire those whom we associate with or otherwise influence to also live more aware, consciously, and passionately — tend to exist under a much stronger self-inflicted criticism, chastising and rapid healing regimen. As a side-effect, this can lead to a whole host of guilt, shame, and judgment . . . and again, isolation — maybe not physically, but in our hearts, and our minds. The imagination can provide a fertile playground for shadow play. But shadows cannot exist without . . . the light.

Key things to remember: ideas of lack, needing, wanting, unworthiness, guilt, shame, and pain can be crippling, but they are not permanent (and, neither are their opposites, but let’s focus on the sludge here). They can be triggered by the most inane of things, and throw a wrench in an otherwise beautiful day, but they are as transient as the next heartbeat. They will want to take up residence in our bodies, and they will persist until we embrace the truth hidden within.

Just because something is transient and impermanent is not to suggest it is meaningless, but meaning is ours to discern; we became a match to it by no accident.

Also, neither vulnerability nor shame are a weakness. These can show up in very different ways for women and men, but the roots are fed by the same lies, tapping into the prevailing stream of I am not enough.

When we sit with whatever arises, we acknowledge the validity of what has been, and what is, and allow the energies to begin to unravel and dissolve as we integrate the knowing and the learning it affords us.

But, we don’t need to hide in a perpetual cave, or remain stuck in the weeds. We can use the tools that resonate. We can heed the impulses, intuitions, opportunities and openings to communicate authentically. We can know that the struggle is universal and complex, but the trust, and the love is simple.

Love your life,