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Alone and All One – Stories and Illusions

We’re all dealing with the same problems. We’re all subject to, and concurrently armed with, and informed by, the same natural forces. The differences are nuance, interpretation, wordplay, and perception. Our languages and cultures may color inside the lines in seemingly varied ways, but we’re all struggling with and striving for the same things.

A Posteriori

In solitude, amongst the silent open spaces—walking the settled sands beside the ebbing sea, next to the late springtime river, as life explodes from awakening flora—we can hear the questions, and we can distill the answers; life is perpetual (perceptual) change and flowing communication.

A Quiet Place

A quiet place, lonely but not ever alone.

This divine life generously offers us infinite variety should we only be willing. It’s too common a tale that the persistent sadness mires the spirit and suppresses the adventurer.

I’ve certainly soaked in it.

The Lonely Journey

The world is changing dramatically, though perhaps this has always been so. Privately, we might increasingly prefer solitude, intentionally isolating ourselves as a practice in order to integrate and innerstand all of the intense energies that are arising. Or, we may choose to avoid the process by immersing ourselves in constant busyness and the maddening, unfulfilling rules of the matrix.