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Grand Illusions: The Reality Game

“I do not presume to preach to anyone; I do not consider myself a preacher or a teacher. Were it not that I am responsible for the book, I would prefer that my personality not be named as its author. The greatness of the subjects about which I offer information, relieves and frees me from self-conceit and forbids the plea of modesty. I dare make strange and startling statements to the conscious and immortal self that is in every human body; and I take for granted that the individual will decide what he will or will not do with the information presented.”

H. W. Percival

Many curious and truth-seeking explorers, including myself, have spent the majority of their life writing about, scrutinizing, researching, analyzing, extrapolating, exposing, and attempting to make sense of the nature of our world. In my own experience, I believe that my perspective has been skewed and philosophically distanced from that of the majority, and while this provides me with useful objectivity in practice, it can also be isolating and, if I delve too deeply into any particular rabbit hole, defeating — if not depressing and overwhelming. But that happens if I rely on and lean too heavily on the predominantly negative bias of our shared Earthly experience, which is, arguably, only half of the equation, if not the more easily observable, accessible, tangible, predictable, and currently acceptable one. Regardless, it is clearly no accident that I or you are here in this life, in this way, at this time, in the grand story of humanity, participating in this Reality Game.

Existential, psychological, and emotional challenges, as prevalent as they may have been in my life, are the hangnails on the gloved fingers holding the steering wheel; they are annoyances and, on occasion, very painful distractions that exist and persist as a result of erratic and undisciplined behavior. Each one of us has their own journey, struggles, and challenges, as well as an absolute need for self-awareness, development, education, recapitulation, and evolution — or “doing the work.” To be sure, while I believe we are ultimately not from this place, we are unquestionably of this place, made of the same original substance that sustains all life in this realm, and thus subject to the same conditions that pervade, maintain, and encode both our individual and collective lived experiences.

Are They Setbacks or Catalysts?

Throughout my life, there have been numerous traumatic events on the world stage, both large and small in scale. The COVID fraud was unleashed on the collective in recent years and is still at least partially in effect as of March 2024. This event had a considerable impact on nearly all of modern civilization. It was clearly a staged operation to see how far opportunistic elements of our social, political, and institutional authorities could misuse and abuse their fiat powers in response to a fictitious emergency. And they relentlessly abused it, effectively establishing a sociopolitical “new normal” across much of the modern world, an undeniable momentum that they now aggressively pursue through divisive, polarizing, and asinine “woke” ideological agendas. One could argue that this fraudulent hoax was a setback, as the majority of those who were injected with poisonous and potentially deadly “vaccines” (whether voluntarily or coercively) were once again duped into believing in the false and disproven concept of viral contagion. However, it acted as a catalyst, rousing a new generation of hearts and minds from a long slumber of ignorance, complacency, and confusion. These newly awakened souls contribute to the growing opposition to rampant corruption, political and institutional deception, widespread globalist propaganda, and systemic moral erosion.

If you’re of a certain age, you’ve also survived what’s affectionately known as “9/11,” which occurred in September of 2001 and was also an orchestrated, fraudulent hoax, and debate over what happened and why continues to this day. 9/11 was both a setback, and a great and powerful catalyst. Many other events of a similar nature occurred between those two historical markers, though they are most certainly part of the same larger agenda, and demonstrate, in my opinion, that the reality in which we live, while appearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting real, is not. No real world would act in such a strange, destructive, frequently horrifically violent, brutal, and imbalanced manner. No real world would follow such a consistent pattern of destabilizing events, cultural and civilizational resets, and massive biological, geographical, and spiritual reformation and restructuring.

As a result, it would seem that the initial and foundational premises are incorrect and inherently flawed. Beyond the perceived and presumed reasons for being here on this Earth — enduring endless and repetitive cycles of ups and downs, sociocultural and technological acceleration and stalling out, mass revolution and localized devolution, dozens of civilizations, and hundreds, perhaps thousands, of major and minor cataclysmic events — the framework requires an extraterrestrial, extrinsic perspective and a wholly grander perception for our obsequiousness to its clearly predetermined parameters.

In other words, we are here for both individual and collective experiences, regardless of color, shade, hue, or tone. Evidence suggests that as individuals, perhaps even through families and heritage, we have the sway, influence, and abilities to adjust and adapt as we progress through life, whatever the circumstances. On the grand stage, however, things appear to be more scripted and designed, as if they were created to address a different set of variables and parameters, or scale and mathematics.

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A Rhythm to Being

It must be used for more than just data collection, even if this simplifies the most pressing issue. It must be about fleshing out (perhaps literally) the human condition, including our abilities, capacities, preferences, and functional configurations. Given the extreme range of our lived stories and corporeal representations — from the most blissful, ecstatic, joyous, and satisfying to the utterly dark, brutal, evil-incarnate, and arguably soulless expressions — it is impossible to deny that whatever the greater purpose, it is beyond our emotional, cognitive, and psychological quantification and comprehension. At the same time, it is intrinsic in a fruitful earthbound experience to appreciate the small things, to hear music in the wind, to find life in the sunshine, and to be grateful when giving and receiving something as fleeting and intangible yet unquestionable as love.

Everything we believe in, are passionate about, and feel compelled to protect appears to have a natural or simulated opposite. How could this be? Extreme opposites influence every aspect of human expression, understanding, perspective, and experience. Many of us, including those reading this article right now, use a handheld device, laptop, or desktop computer. We’ve come to rely on networks and connectivity, as well as technology that provides us with ubiquitous and unrestricted access. We value this quality of life and consider it essential to human achievement and progress. How different would your human journey be if you grew up spending the majority of your time in nature, with no or limited access to technology, television, movies, the internet, flashy magazines, or popular books? Is this seemingly simple life any less valuable? Obviously not.

While we have been asking questions such as “Why are we here?” and “What is the meaning of life?” since time immemorial, the true nature of All That This Is has proven difficult to unravel or grasp, despite our best efforts. Every interpretation, description, and conclusion about the whats, whys, and hows of this realm has been defended, debated, and supported by both historical and contemporary evidence and observations. Of course, these fundamental truths evolve and adapt over time. And, as Walter Russell said, “Whenever new knowledge of a transforming nature permeates the race, the standard of world culture rises.” However, that being the expectation, it is clear that there are influences and interests — perhaps ancient and well-versed in the nature of this realm — that inject or effect purposeful distortions and misleading or entirely fabricated evidence along the way in order to delay, dissuade, or otherwise impede social, cultural, ontological, or philosophical advancement. And, as previously stated, it appears that we, as a collective or even as a civilization, can only progress so far along any of these trajectories before the rules change, destructive and cataclysmic events occur, or we are invariably guided once more toward localized, regional, or widespread self-annihilation.

It’s possible that the true nature of this realm is as presented, and that any interpretation is only as useful and meaningful as the language, epistemology, and philosophy used to explain it. We may be both actors and orchestrators of everything that moves, motivates, creates, and, inevitably, destroys. If we are the arbiters who must, by design, define these counter-forces and dualistic balancing acts, who am I to have any preconceived notions about the lightness or darkness of anything I have personally experienced or interpreted another to have?

Whether we’re nearing the terminus of a major or minor cycle, we cannot presume to know what is an ending, or merely another beginning. Therefore, as it is essential on the path to one’s awakening, nothing in or of this world should be given too much consideration or significance, as it would appear that everything about this place is somewhat perfunctory and short-lived. Harold Percival said, “Consciousness is the ultimate Reality; compared with it, all else is illusion.” Therefore, I would submit that this illusory reality is, in fact, a game of consciousness, and we should frequently remind ourselves of that. In my opinion, what is real exists elsewhere or is intangible, incomparable, uncompromising, and free.

It is, and you are, therefore, immortal.

Love your life.

. . .

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