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Fatherhood. It’s something I haven’t directly experienced, yet, but I have had the opportunity to grow through situations where the littles are already there from a past, failed relationship, or several. Terrifying, but life affirming, and I know there’s a lot I’ve missed out on.

I have repeatedly adopted the (perhaps grandiose) perspective of considering the human collective my responsibility. The two perspectives are nothing alike, especially when one of these precious little beings sits on your lap and says they love you. Time stops, all noise is moot, this is no joke.

Life consistently provides catalysts to us for our change and growth, usually when we’re not ready for them.

While the nuclear family may largely have gone the way of the dodo, with the whole mess of custody and visitation rights and the utter nonsense of power struggle the genetic contributors battle through, we tend to overlook what it’s all about.

Wherever you may find yourself, the child is listening, learning, modeling, observing; how you deal with the insanity life throws at you, how you form relationships, how you make ends meet, how you pick yourself up, and how you fall in love… again.

We are first and foremost guardians and parents to the child within. We can put on brave faces, and press on, but kids aren’t stupid, especially those nestled in our fundamental core selves. The practice of vulnerability, openness and authenticity is paramount.

This generation and the next are especially responsive, being of higher vibration and sensitivity… Don’t play games. Recall how our parents tried that. Epic fail.

We’re riding an enormous wavefront, establishing the parameters for what’s to come, unloading what has been, and transmuting what no longer works. Feel that and know that to your core. More substance, less bullshit.

If you’re a father, be one.

Solvitur ambulando