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Each and every relation-ship serves us consciously, and unconsciously.

We have our surface noise and direct interaction, and then we have the aftershocks, the ripples, the revelations-after-the-fact and the triggered issues that found their way to the surface… which may or may not be helpful or fruitfully explored in direct interaction.

Introvert: prefers to think about it; prefers not to think about it; requires time to process; doesn’t always do well feeling out loud, when put on the spot, or within proximity of assholes.

Most challenges typically arise in the forming of words and expressions in an effort to communicate effectively; to adequately represent the maelstrom of thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs, preferences and choices bubbling within us at any given moment.

In an individualistic culture rife with defensiveness, entitlement, self-importance, fear-mongering, intellectual suppression and emotional insecurity, our expressions rapidly become words of anger, of pity, of shame, of little consideration, of impatience…

Were we more telepathic and viscerally capable of sharing in real-time — to hold space, to intuit, listen deeply, and empathize — these issues would undoubtedly fade quickly from our social constructs and we’d likely be a lot more productive, inclusive and universally supportive; we’d resolve arguments and find genuine, trustworthy connections readily made.

Until we are more of this communicative fluidity, it’s upon each of us to strive for less bullshit, and more substance; less conniving, manipulation and malevolence, more trust, authenticity, clarity and eventually, peace.

Be real.

Solvitur ambulando