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Giving In

As I scribble in the last few words that fit perfectly onto the last page of another notebook, numerous powerful energies infiltrate my body and spirit.

Shaken, and stirred. Life abhors a vacuum.

It’s a very familiar place, where a catalyst for change, awareness, and growth has again kicked me in the face, squeezes my chest, wells up in my eyes, and twists up my gut. These will all be good things, in retrospect.

As a sensitive in this world, an introvert and an artist, a seeker, feeler, lover and observer, there will always be times of overwhelm.

What’s important is having resonant outlets, having understanding ears who’ll listen, having friends who are tuned in to life’s grander truths, and are capable of holding space, having pen and paper, having natural surroundings, and having patience and presence within oneself to sit with the storm and let love flow through it.

Giving in is not giving up. We find the most precious treasures in the toughest to reach places, and the process is as stubborn and resilient as our resistance is to it.

Separation is the greatest untruth of things here.

We desire truth, above all else. We desire authenticity, above all else. We desire a channel into the depths of genuine source and love, and above all else, we desire to know from original perspective.

Turn the page. Trust the flow. Look again.

Solvitur ambulando