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Blessed and self-empowering be your new year, friends. Good luck in 2021, but know nothing will change right away. This epochal transition is here for good, for bad, and forever to change us and our reality.

If after 10 months of this covid nodemic nonsense and stupidity you still think this is about a magic, dastardly virus, you’re going to struggle and suffer immensely with what’s coming.

The world we thought we knew has been exposed, all of its ugliness is out in plain view – unless you believe and trust in the curated narrative of the media. Please open your eyes.

We don’t like much of what we see, and yes, would prefer to deny it, rather than face it. We blame the government for not doing enough, and also for doing too much. We’re conditioned to be reliant and dependent, while abnegating our inherent resilience, sovereignty, and creatorship.

Not good enough. You can feel this now, more than ever before. Uncertainty is natural and healthy, and can and should be used to inspire conscious action, considered planning, and resilient community building.

Arise from fear. Stand in your power.

Who are you, and what do you really want?

Solvitur ambulando