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A Greater Story

When you finally come to grips with the idea that much of Western (or modern, capitalist/consumerist) society exists within a low-level mental cloud of illusory belief systems, you will realize that there is a lot that you need to unlearn, in an effort to reframe your world as you know it.

The trouble is that the majority of people are not willing, ready, nor able to accept the idea that much of what they’ve perceived as reality is a grand mindfuck.

The manufactured frenzy of life demands that we choose to consistently suspend belief; we unconsciously opt to carry on existing within the illusion than to accept and engage the fear and uncertainty of having to rebuild our entire reality from scratch.

Life is coming at us at a hundred miles per hour (if you buy into the mechanical noise). Who has the time to think about shifting into a higher level of consciousness? Who has the time to rethink, restructure, redistribute and repurpose the monetary system? Who has the time to consider buying (or trading, or gifting) locally, supporting small businesses, entrepreneurs, and those who are in your neighborhood—as opposed to multinational corporations, or made-in-China and cheap-as-shit (non-reusable, non-repairable, garbage quality) dollar store behemoths?

We ALL do. Don’t kid yourself.

Exasperation, exhaustion and apathy are all within arm’s reach, only because you’re primarily practiced in doing someone else’s bidding, rather than your own; your body and mind and spirit are screaming at you, begging you to make a shift, and to take a good look at what you’re doing to yourself, and your planet. It never had to be this way, and today, certainly, we’re well past the point of wilful ignorance. You can research and educate yourself on anything, for free, from anywhere in the world.

You’re just choosing to be lazy, or a victim, or both.

But, there are no victims here. Not really.

You were born for this—this life, this journey, this earth, this time, this reality. YOU wanted to be here, now, which means you were born with everything you needed to not only thrive, but to be a wayshower and an inspiration for everyone who will come across your path, or your works, or your art.

The only way to get out of your head is to dive into life. Get messy. Get scared. Get sacred. Get excited. Get moving. Get in touch with the real you, so you can begin to see the authenticity in others; everyone is made of infinite-ness. Remember.

Solvitur ambulando