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It’s not something you can pretend to do or be. It’s a practice. It’s a regimen. It’s falling, standing, dealing with emotional or spiritual invaders and the endless this-and-that of all this.

It’s the pause and the space between. It’s presence.

It’s not something you think you are or have achieved. It’s when you’re not thinking, but flowing, feeling, trusting, dancing with your imagination, following that impulse, and living the story… Not just recollecting or pondering or ruing or regretting.

It’s not a pile of randomly stacked rocks.

It’s the foundation block, tried, trued and tested a thousand times in a thousand different ways until our unique, authentic way finally emerges.

It’s the towers we’d built upon it, that fall repeatedly until we learn to trust ourselves, to have patience with ourselves, to truly love ourselves, to listen deeply to our heartsong and tap in to the unquestioning source.

It’s a deliberate intent without any expectation or limitation based on what we think we know about how it all should go.

It is the gravity of the world, and then remembering there is no such thing.

It is in the resistance that we generate the pain.

You are where you are. Love that. Look again. Let go of shoulds, coulds, ifs, hows, wish-I-hads and maybes of the mind. Discern and heed only the why.

Because you’re still here.

Solvitur ambulando