Monkey Do

26 September 2014


deal with your shit, so you don’t have to be like the monkey who flings it at everyone else.

how? accept all of who and what you are. all of it. love it, hate it, doesn’t matter. until you take complete hold of the oars, you’ll always be pushed around by life, seemingly.

it’s not about control. it’s about integration, reclaiming splintered focus and energies, and elevating your game.

it’s about remembering:

to dance more than you fall in line;
to laugh more than you frown;
to cry more than holding it in;
to love for the sake of love itself;
to sing more than you speak;
to walk more than you plan;
to dive into the embrace of the abyss;
to trust more than you reserve judgement;

to be – just simply, fully, powerfully, intentionally be.

the burden of what has been doesn’t need permanent transport on the convoy that is the story and journey of your life.

it’s ok to be who you are now, with the benefit of experience, less the baggage.

it’s ok to be present – in all ways – and to turn the page rather than desperately search for any possible way to edit, rewrite, or cram more onto the current one.

let loose the chains of self-imposed punishment, penance, or permission slips. there’s no more masterful a concoction the cleverest of saboteur could devise than the rich plethora of nastiness we inflict upon ourselves.

it’s ok to be easy about all this. any judgement otherwise is only, ever, your own.

love your life,

Situation (Unplugged Mix)

The Giver

24 September 2014


given up on love?
no problem.
love just smiles ’cause love… is.
it’s patient.
it’s knowing.
it’s understanding of your reasoning,
and always there for you anyway. always.
for without you, love wouldn’t exist.
it would have no dance,
not a step, nor a spin,
not a rain drop to just be in…
thus, even if you’ve given up,
for now,
love’s never too far,
simply because
you are.

love your life,

I Feel Again

Curved and Narrow…

21 September 2014

the old roadwe tend to go through life on a fairly narrow path…

sequences fall in line based on your chosen parents and what they in turn choose to expose you to – largely informed and influenced by the usual significant factors: money, culture, society, beliefs, religion, etc. their decisions are further infused by whatever conditioning and programs they’ve maintained from their own ancestry, and also by whatever current state the greater collective consciousness maintains as true, useful, important, and essential for the development of growing minds… or, ideally, opening hearts.

so what does it boil down to? it’s powerful and expanding to take stock of your story on occasion. meditate on who you are and where you’ve come to; who you maintain as a person and personality, and if you’ve neglected, perhaps, to remember the question: what else is possible?

regardless of your age and experience, every day is an opportunity to start anew. every day you can approach life with the attitude, “i feel like i’ve only begun!” remember the child-like curiosity, openness, and sheer limitlessness of the dance, reincorporating imagining, dreaming, and conducting your cosmic orchestra.

we’ve only just begun…

love your life,