intermittent flow


when i step back now and again from the doing and simply observe, the set pieces are taking shape, the players are confident through etheric rehearsal, and the song is nearly singing itself. this grand play requires the absolute depth of me, and the tighter i try to grasp the handle, the looser my grip….

big things


have the audacity to be bold, and take the time to dream big. but here’s the thing: it has nothing to do with material gains. not in the grand scheme. we’ve been looking at things backwards in so many aspects of our reality and it’s time to make the shift. what’s big? what’s bold? love,…

dear angels and tsunamis


to whom else could we most passionately state “fuck you. i love you.” but our catalysts of greatest change, our pillars of authenticity; pokers, prodders, goaders, and champions of self-knowing, self-trust, and self-love. be real. be curious. be you. Elevate by trance blackman