More, Please…

24 July 2014

contrastyou know what’s interesting? they are not the old man, woman, nor the good or bad parent, not the teen, child or baby. they may appear to be; they may seem physical and labelled with whatever creative idea you might come up with to encapsulate what it is you perceive, but they, like you, are more.

but we forget. we close down. we minimize, and we disconnect. we create an artificial gravity… thus, we create distortions, illusions, and pain.

yet, there are no victims here.

there are only masters, and given a proper moment of reflection, we can reignite the knowing.

then, open and aware (ie. conscious), we  can again see through mere surface appearances, and fantastic storytelling. we notice the cracks in the harshest realities. we feel the space between, as the ethereal, encompassing lightness.

we remember the love, unconditional.

thus, they are, and they are more.
you are, and you are more.

love your life,

“The Hidden Power

Change Is…

20 July 2014


changing the world is moot; it’s a given - automatic.

you know it and feel it instantly in the moment: when you feel empathy, outrage, guilt, fear, anxiety, slighted, attacked, etc. you know right away how you could make a shift, get involved, seek help, devise a strategy, design a technology… you need only to tap into the courage to dare to try… or, let the inspiration pass you by.

it is always now where the power lives.

then, watch how the world shifts and changes – the very instant you do (your perspective, point of view, programming). as it works in your own individuated experience, so too does it reverberate throughout humanity’s consciousness.

you matter.
you are a difference.
you exist, and that is always enough…

though, our co-creative nature abhors complacence and stagnation.

follow your excitement.

love your life,

Bring It All Back (The Ones)

Road Signs

19 July 2014


roadblocks, hurdles, and speedbumps are omens; signal flares indicating that a shift in perspective is in order.

you’ve asked, desired, intended, now heed the signs and synchronicities, regardless of whether what’s presented itself gets labeled “good”, “bad”, or “wtf”.

love your life,