on suffering

more sandwell

if we give in to the suffering, the energy will sweep us, as it always does, into the spiral, down and out of our presence, out of our now, out into the sea. if we recognize the cue, the trigger; the initial push toward the edge, we can immediately defuse the noise, and rise above….

the practice of presence


it doesn’t always make sense to our linear programming, but somehow, it’s always working to our benefit. there is no wasted time, or energy, just our perception of it. choices move and motivate momentum, and whether we’re conscious of our movements or not, the pieces never stop structuring the cosmos of our environment and stimulating…

divine timing

sunshine on my shoulder

we can’t force the timing of things. those calculations are beyond mind, and exist in the uninhibited, boundless dance of energy and light. our higher selves are celebrating, however, because the heart of us knows what is to come. ours is to trust the flow, and allow for the unravelling mystery to manifest in the…