fear, in motion


you can use your fear to charge yourself. truly. it can drain you, crash your apps, or be transmuted into fuel for creative, inspired action. in every breath, love. solvitur ambulando

on creatives


an artist will frequently have to choose to shun acceptable behaviour, political correctness, and most common comforts to truly be in the spacetime of their genius. playing it safe is painting by numbers; stealing a riff; autotune; obeying the clock; failing and failing and giving up; pandering to and placating the normals; ignoring and suppressing…



child-like it gets easier to be honest with ourselves along the journey. when we allow some integral dots to connect, storylines can at once coalesce and align. instantly, we have at our fingertips a depth into our struggles and perceptions, and perhaps renewed clarity. what’s interesting is we had these things as children. we could…