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Love + Light

Love, consciousness, plus the wave-icle, light. In our perceptions and observations, light can behave as both a particle, and a wave. It has to, for that’s what it takes for our current biology to make any use of it.

Consciousness, is the cohesion… The etheric soup that brings intelligence and direction to the otherwise formless — yet eager, and pregnant with potentiality and eternal anticipation.

Shape me! I dare you. I invite you. I implore you. Let’s dance.

Does the sun shine on us, or does it reflect? Beyond all the theories, models, speculation and conjecture, do we have any real basis for the measuring of eons; billions of years for this and that, to me, seems like nonsense.

We’re always so desperate for means of quantifying our perceptions and experiences, so to avert the presumed insanity of outright trust and complete surrender to life.

Life, as we know it, must have taken a long, long time to emerge, and evolve, right?


What if the entirety of this universe only exists one thought at a time? And what if all lifetimes, timelines, realities, and dimensions exist concurrently?

We change our “past” by shifting our perspective and perception of it, thereby shifting into an alternate mind/body/spirit construct, instantly. We change our “future” with every single choice we make. If there are destinies, they’re based entirely on who we maintain ourselves to be, here, now — at the same time, there must be an infinite, inexhaustible array of ways our story can play out.

And since we decided to experience life on this Earth, in this way — as part of a conscious collective — there must be a degree of influence we co-create within; the multispectral within the crystalline.

Philosophical poetry, perhaps. Perhaps mere sophistry, but, in this moment, to me, it feels authentic.

I’m always seeking the truth, which is perhaps why I am so frequently uneasy; purity of thought needs arable land in which to be planted and to flourish, yet much of the farm has been overworked and overrun with infiltrations of GMO and other unnatural, invasive species. Trusted fertilizers and pesticides all prove, in time, to have been based entirely on fiction.

Nature has always provided all and everything we need.

Not surprisingly, in simply allowing the mind-fields to rest, weeds do come up, but also, the unexpected fruits. With significantly less effort, less wilful interruption, comes less unease, less hunger, and less need.

That metaphor is stretched, tautly. But, maybe I’ve made my point.

Love and light. Yes, you are.

Solvitur ambulando

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