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What is Observable

Isn’t it time we start referring to them as Identifiable Flying Objects? Enough with the unknown, eerie, mysterious, alien this and that. Let’s talk about our galactic community, and get past the small, fear-based and ignorant story. All ancient texts and all indigenous cultures around the world speak to, show us countless examples of, and know the truth—yet we’re still suckling the baby bottle provided by shadowy influencers, paranoid power players, and extremist mainstream and militaristic agendas. This is obvious.

Please be aware that the now global media giants are actively censoring the “alternative” sources of information, which includes many who work damn hard to research, disclose, uncover, create an intelligent discourse, and report on the world we don’t always want to look at—and also the wonders, miracles, rising consciousness, and collective awakening we’re actively being blinded toward.

We’re being turned against each other through the clever use of “offensive” and it’s slowly eroding all manner of freedoms of speech. Yes, elevate the conversation. Yes, be sensitive, considerate, compassionate and empathic to the people and elements of our society emerging (or re-emerging) and now accepted that were for too long ridiculed, shamed and violently oppressed.

We ALL want to be seen.

Wake up to your ignorance. It’s OK to feel like a shit for old patterns and adolescent, uninformed (stupid) behaviors. Most of our society is swimming in this noise, and many are afraid to grow past it, or to even talk about it, because it’d be death to their old, small, predictable identity—and hell, you may need to lose some family and friends to make room for the new and unfamiliar. That in itself can be terrifying. But you’re ready to grow.

As ever, look again. See with new eyes. Observe with heart-centered awareness. We’ve all been hurt, misunderstood and disregarded. We’ve all had to overcome our own versions of hell, or are in the process of doing so. Remember, that everyone around you is, right now, figuring out how to deal with all this life stuff, just like you are.

Elevate. What would love do?

Solvitur ambulando