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Next Level, Part I

Whatever you’re developing, building, coding, researching, teaching or designing, if you’re doing it to subvert, antagonize, or undermine the system that is, you’re no better than you’re enemy.

Violence begets violence. Always. And, it plays right into the hands of the manipulators.

Revolutionizing the ways-that-were must be inclusive, and of beneficence to ALL, not just the insiders, the informed, the privileged, or the able.

The psychology behind our motivations is in flux. There is the eternal thread that connects us indivisibly to the heart of the universe, and we’re at the stage where it’s essential to bring that forward to clean out the toxicity that persists in our cultural stories.

Competition is moot, unless fostered within an open-sourced, integrative, launch-us-all-forward foundation — so to circumvent the folly of man’s ego.

Ignorance is moot. We have all the information we need. Everyone can win, and there’s more than enough.

“Love” is erroneous, dysfunctional, and perverted as currently ascribed. It will fit within whatever values and parameters we choose to limit it to. It is beyond commodification, beyond age-old trauma and karmic attachments, and requires us to release it — to let it loose so to expand and reinvigorate our character, our mind, and our spirit.

We are ready and capable of next level. Step into it.

Solvitur ambulando