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The Gentle Winds

As we transition toward a grander, multidimensional perspective, seeing how time and tense isn’t as linear as we’d previously believed, all aspects of our human psychology will evolve and require a bio, neuro, somatic and psychosomatic, sympathetic and parasympathetic reorientation.

The truer nature of the depth of our potential and expanding conscious capacity will not let those sticky, sludgy, inert and stagnant energies persist, save our will that they do—which inevitably must cause us more and more discomfort, for the natural flow of the cosmic cannot move through a mired, fragmented matrix.

Our emotional and cognitive triggers and frustrations will eventually fall away, as they now only serve as gentle, immediate reminders to notice, to observe the incompatibility with who you now are, and to transcend. They lower your energetic vibration and pull you away from love, because they are the most practiced aspects of your mind and body. They were useful, but are now highlights from previous chapters in your grand story. Turn the page.

Inward judgment and self-reproach are programs of the inner saboteur—the age-old spiritual gatekeeper employed by the ego to keep you safe—and should be regarded as such. You no longer have to believe any of it. You are ready to be aware, and to return to your sacred self, in many micro-moments throughout the day, wilfully guiding your presence back to your higher self, until you are squarely present in the eternal moment, free of the programs and conditions that were.

It’s a musical experience. It is the sound of an era of uncompromising conscious elevation. It is the vibration that diffuses and defeats the gravity of the lower-spectrum emotion and predatory energies. It is the next level.

Solvitur ambulando