the forces of the universe support everyone, whether we like them, believe in them, despise them, fight them or love them.

our judgments are our own, and perspectives are personal. what another chooses to value may grind against our grain, but they will not change themselves until they see the value in change, and are thus fundamentally shifted into a new reality.

this is where the poetry of understanding comes in. what is triggered inside us is our opportunity to expand spiritually, emotionally and intellectually – to heal, integrate and elevate our consciousness and presence.

our living example is what opens the door and affords others the opportunity for self-awareness and gateways to their own integration. to listen, to hear, to hold space, is to recognize the value of the individual, another piece of you.

to rise up and resist creates more resistance, and it’s far too easy to generalize and jump onto the bandwagon of half-baked ideals and fruitless battles.

to organize in peaceful, knowing, trusting, loving, allowing and inclusive (yet cognizant, aware and informed) energy invites maturation and transcendence – for all involved (and we’re all involved).

it is Earth Day. we are all citizens, stewards, adventurers, students and educators. all lives matter. we have every opportunity in all we be and do to own it.

love your planet. love your life.

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