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Etienne Boulanger - Unsplash

No Apologies

Audio Version (music by Sergii Pavkin)

Do not apologize for what drives you. Don’t be afraid of it, either.

Don’t be afraid of expressing your pain or your love.

Explore the caves and caverns formed by the shadows, especially if you’re shaking in your boots. As your light becomes brighter as you descend, leave only the charred impressions of exploded illusions along the rocky walls for future explorers to interpret and decipher as they see fit.

A single frame of your life is worth a thousand words, and it undoubtedly demonstrates the power of the moment, but it completely disregards the billions of thoughts and moments that comprise your story.

You are here right now. All of you. You’re not done yet.

Love your life.

. . .

A Thousand Years” from Fleshwound