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bare bones

after the purifying fires, through those episodes of energetic upheaval and release, we gain perspective and maybe even a permanent shift in perception.

it’s likely we wouldn’t notice the latter as we’re no longer who we once were. but it takes persistence and effort to step fully into the new edition of you. old patterns die, but find endless ways to resurrect themselves, though we aim to transcend the cyclical and the circuitous.

what’s real about a situation is rarely what is presented on the surface, and likely not to be revealed by mere impulse and reactivity. reread that.

our reflexes are usually wrong, and our listening skills are numbed by the ceaseless noise of the everyday. thus a true act of presence would seem nearly unattainable. who’s got the patience?

but what we can create for and within ourselves must also, if genuine, radiate out into the collective. when patience, compassion, understanding and love is fostered in the core of our beingness, we don’t need to try be thus for those who come across our path.

this is actual climate change. this is changing the world. this is the foundation for the better today, regardless of how we squandered our yesterdays. this is the bare bones of an engaged, enlivened, interested and involved humanity.

this is how we remember.

solvitur ambulando

© 2017 Trance Blackman

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