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In life, it’s not about luck, or timing. It’s about what’s relevant right now.

We push the blocks and pull the strings to try and make things happen the way we’d imagined, yet they just won’t click.

We throw our hearts out there, daring and open, and they get stomped, hopefully tempered with a little kindness.

We invest in a “sure thing”, or work our asses off, or train and practice and practice and train — and it still goes tits-up.

What’s true is that we comprehend only a limited scope of the variables and potentialities. Our waking mind can only process so much information and we tend to heavily favor the familiar — good or bad, healthy or not — thus utilizing and relying on an even narrower range of options.

We also may or may not be aware of agreements we made before coming here — as in a soul contract. There is so much at play that doesn’t present itself in the day-to-day of our lives.

We change the present by how we perceive the past, and thus we rewrite our future. It’s essential that we become aware of patterns, in our relationships, in our surroundings, in our thoughts and choices.

Thinking we’re doomed to be alone because the romance has never lasted, or because someone broke a promise, or a would-be partner is yet again not our beloved; it feels like life is a perpetual uphill battle and that exasperates us. This indicates that deeper healing, emotional release and energetic balance need to be addressed.

Let go of what wasn’t meant for you.

Every circumstance arises to afford us opportunities for evolution and expansion. That’s the whole point of this reality game. There’s no need to overthink it.

We will return repeatedly to the walls and barbed-wire fences that meet our conditions, and blame those same artificial barriers for holding us back.

There are no ordinary moments. None. Look again. The more we feel things don’t matter or have little or no meaning, the more life will throw us into the maelstrom of incongruity and entropy and energetic waste.

Indecision, passivity, entitlement, apathy and ennui, are recipes for unwelcome excitement, instability, chaos and confusion. You will be moved, one way or another; you will be challenged to break routine and grow.

The moment we feel powerless — the moment we surrender — is the moment the universe will hiccup in our favor. Eyes open.

What’s here now is what’s relevant; a greater aspect of who we are is steering us toward our dreams, intentions and truest of desires — even if we’ve given up on them. Billions of details are floating omnipresent and we are the grand game designers, exploring in a very potent virtual reality.

You are enough. You are deserving. You are divine, love.

Solvitur ambulando