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Patterns and Purpose

44. Seeing it all the time now (no, not so much in the trees or the melancholy winter sky ;-). Numbers and patterns are fascinating. The way nature and the nuances of life reflect and bounce around us is musical, when you exist in the space of love.

Things don’t always “go as planned” because we forget all those desires and aspirations we started creating and designing upon emerging again in this physical place. Powerful emotions and purity of thought demand precedence.

What is now derives of those elements spiraling around us, like a tornado, from the past, the future, the past, the future…where our imaginations keep taking us. We stand in the eye of the storm. Too often, we are waiting.

Don’t let the storm encroach on your heart. Don’t worry too much when the aspiration doesn’t align with your soul’s true desire. We get disillusioned by so many who entrust us with their failures and fears and shortcomings. Stay the course and those distortions will fall and fade away. Your truth will emerge, and you will be ready to dance.

Detours are only permanent if you ignore the signs guiding you back to you.

Eyes up.

Solvitur ambulando

© 2019 Trance Blackman

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