i love exploring.

my corolla stopped counting mileage some time ago, and i suppose that’s how it should be. it’s apparently a common oddity in several models from that year. she’s stuck at 299,999 and i find it amusing, and really one tiny distraction less.

i keep a piece of paper in the glove box to track approximate mileage for oil changes, and thankfully a trip meter to spare to remind me that regular maintenance will keep my ever-willing travel companion running smooth.

a couple episodes of On Being coloured in the gaps and reminded me of the wonderful quality of that podcast. i listened to Krista Tippett query Matthieu Ricard, and Martin Sheen. interesting, mindful, spiritual, authentic and happy gents. and a few more books now enter the list of “want to read”.

today we’re in Comox, roughly in the middle, longitudinally, of Vancouver Island. all new to me. recently i have felt the pull to move here, and by October, that’s now the goal.

i yearn for quieter, open spaces. easier access to north or south of here is important too. so i’ll follow my feet, as ever, and see what manifests.

dive in.

solvitur ambulando

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