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We Share This Lonely View

Occasionally, you have to view this life from a broader perspective. There is no shortage of anything in the world. Nature provides it all in abundance; there is ample space, and everything can balance or heal itself, given the absence of poisons, toxins, insults, conflicts, trauma and unnecessary intervention.

But that doesn’t serve those who only see the world in two dimensions: commerce and control.

By Moses Lee on Unsplash

For centuries, the singular story we’ve been playing out on endless repeat is one of competition, division, materialism, dogma, statism, war, disease, and suffering. It doesn’t matter if you’re religious, scientific, agnostic, blissfully ignorant, or somewhere in the mix. The dominant narrative always leads back to the lies of lack and scarcity – always putting humanity in the poorest of positions, the most wanting of character and spirit, and inundated with prognostications, predictions and prophecies of the most dire of outlooks… Ever to be needing a savior.

For centuries, illness, disease, war, and the end times have been lurking around every corner. Through the use of mass media, and revisionist, curated education, we’ve been conditioned to believe that the popular experts, scientists, innovators, billionaires, and governments would have solutions and cures for all of our woes. We believe that superior force, technologies, chemicals and industrial products – total control and dominion over nature – are going to bring about a golden age.

By Shayna Douglas on Unsplash

What we’ve seen instead is widespread chronic disease – especially in children – increasingly aggressive medical intervention and deceit and propaganda, increasing dependence on devices, computers, and EMF radiation producing technologies, dependence on centralized food production and distribution, dependence on ever-expanding, centralized governance, frequent, volatile market instability and massive financial fraud, profiteering from baseless, fear-inducing narratives, perpetual world conflicts, unchecked corruption at all levels of academia, science, finance, politics and bureaucracy, and a deeply divided, fragmented, fractured, desperate-for-distraction, desperate-for-meaning, prone-to-mass-psychosis civilization.

Most people are in a state of hypnosis induced by their devices and when they are constantly in that state, they no longer think for themselves or question what is going on in the world. They simply agree with what they are told. “If it’s on the internet it must be true”.

Ilsedora Laker

Given the apparent success of the would-be controllers, profiteers, and the powerful among us, it would appear that this is all by design. Whoever, or whatever it is, that benefits from keeping us chasing our tails and fighting among ourselves needs exactly that to keep happening, over and over again. None of us really know our history, and I’d wager very few really, truly know what is verifiably real about this realm, or plane, or planet. Thus, the scripts can be reused and recycled, time and again, as we have little to philosophically rely upon, and feel ill-at-ease about our capacity for a reality creation.

By Jonathan Harrison on Unsplash

We do not know at all where we stand. We’ve deferred our agency, and succumbed to the sensemaking and authority of someone else.

So, we try to escape. We try to cope. We hide, drink, binge, smoke, fight, inject, inhale, protest, distract ourselves, overwork, sit idle and numb, write strongly worded tweets or blogs, and pray. We let adverts, political slogans, movies, TV shows, lying journalists and marketing jingles do our thinking.

We fear each other more than ever. Why? Because we know a lie when we see it, and in the face of another, we cannot avoid seeing that we’re living it.

Solvitur ambulando