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The backward lens
Peering within and throughout
Past weathered and faded masks
Through airs and arrogance
All our faces of doubt

Nothing hides for long
When we know again that
Enough is enough!

And then again
And again

Pare it down to purify
Until the frequency
Resonates and vibrates it all
Us singularly

A singularity

Why the dirty method
The clunky distortions
The tired rigmaroles
The long game of many lifetimes?

Why the predictable
The chaotic energy eaters
The never satiated
The persistent sadness of the soul?

Solvitur ambulando

It is solved, resolved by walking
In the doing
The exploring
Through injury and healing

The void is the open-ended and safe
Without question
Without barrier
Without noise
Without bending light

In time is discovered
The play is the thing
The stage is the sandbox
The roles interchanged

Cycles and circumstance
Tight fitting underpants
Genetics and traits
Issues and complaints

Stories of transient consequence

We are the divinity
Incarnated here
To be

Walk on