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You (Still) Want More

Most of the world is at peace.

Most humans care about the wellbeing of other humans, and the planet.

Most of the planet is uninhabited.

There is more money than ever.

There is more awareness, mindfulness, collective consciousness, and elevated spiritual energy than ever.

There is more authenticity, vulnerability, transparency, and integrity than ever.

There is more opportunity for positive change, reformation, revolution, and evolution than ever.

There is more emerging free, safe, clean, unlimited energy production technology than ever.

There is more diversity, equality, and reconciliation than ever.

You want more? Be you, more.

We’re pushing all of the old, small stories to the surface, and it’s going to get a little bumpy. For each of us, for the current human collective, and for this remarkable planet, this transition was expected and is right on time. Don’t believe much in headlines as they will lead you down negative, disempowering energetic spirals. Use the outward worldly noise to help you realize and embrace that massive change is happening all around you, and within you, and that it’s time to really, deeply, get still and listen.

Solvitur ambulando