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Soulless Savages

Friday, October 11th, 2013

Native Spirit, by Djembe & Canvas“Native Spirit” by Djembe & Canvas


your sophistication
carries the weight
of evasion
the spoils of a nation
derived from
cultural ablation

killed the language
destroyed abodes
the flora
the fauna
to make your roads…

yet, your arrogance abounds
your words unfound
the audacity
the irony
to label originals
the aboriginals
who live and breathe
earth, air, wind, fire
understand the world entire
dance, sing, commune
with spirit
born with the knowledge and
meaning of it…

to categorize
close your eyes
and say they are

soulless savages

a demon state
projection, a
DNA infection
love rejection
with no exception
that in deep truth

the savage is in you.



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