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journal entry: the menacing 


the process of rewriting our story is quite taxing.  shadowy figures make their presence known through struggle, frustration, anger, and denial, as we delve deeper and deeper into uprooting the dysfunction of outdated paradigms. part of us is furious because we feel as if we’ve been so easily duped, for so long. part of us…

journal entry: be a (hu)man. 


there’s a vast cloud and haze of confusion around the ideas of what being a man, or being a woman is today.



Feb. 2016 all things weird! but, not. if you haven’t noticed, by perhaps reading some of my random thoughts posted in blog form, looking more closely at my song lyrics, or, perhaps following and reading some of my social media blurbs, i tend to delve into things uncommon, and otherwise considered esoteric, alternative, and even paranormal, e.g., quantum physics,…