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bloodletting truth is the pricker of thin skin; authenticity lets it flow. face your dark, beautiful self. embrace him. let her go. these shadows are echoes; stories and seeds long sown, now begins the new chapter, destination unknown.

the gentle hand


in the most violent of episodes, there are subtleties at play. in the most calm and serene, life itself emerges. we exist in the interplay of forces, big and small; we are the stars, and the stardust. big bang indeed… living with presence is letting go of any concerns with time, and the here and…


off the beaten path

share your lessons, your trials, victories, failures, challenges and breakthroughs. there are those ahead of you on this road, those where you are now, and those coming up behind that will all be blessed by your authenticity and courage. while we all may tie in to the grand narrative, your perspective is your own. embrace…