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The Probability Exercise

Hundreds and hundreds of coincidences. 110-story buildings of heavily reinforced steel and concrete, designed to withstand precisely this type of attack, defying the laws of physics by collapsing into small piles of dust and molten metal… please.

Numerous commissions, expert panels, and professionals of different industries studied the event from every angle only to come up with more questions, amassing mountains of evidence countering the official narrative.

I remember coming into work that morning. When I was told what had occurred, my first thought was, “Fucking Bush. What the hell did they do?” It was as obvious as can be that this was staged, planned, scripted…

In the decades to follow, all manner of explanations would come to the fore. During that time, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi, Afghani, Libyan, Yemeni, Pakistani, Syrian, and other Islamic, Arab, and African people would be summarily erased during the ensuing fabricated 20-plus-year “war on terror.”

Good, decent, normal, and caring human beings put themselves in the line of fire without a second thought. They’ll run into burning, collapsing buildings to save other humans. While “they” will keep injuring, poisoning, injecting, and murdering us in droves, we will continue onward. Because love-based beings do that, even and perhaps especially if they exist in a realm of negative default programming.

We will never understand the utter depravity and evil that perpetrate these events, but we will stand up. We will adapt. Some will always survive and know the truth.

Marvin Zettl – Unsplash

The older I get, the more I learn about all these things, and the more I listen to intellects, analysts, and researchers who’ve invested much of their lives into pouring over humanity’s historical records, annals, and accounts, the less this place is real to me. There are far too many ridiculous aspects to this complex of simulated creation for it to be real.

So take heart! Don’t worry. There is truly nothing to fear, and what is real about you cannot come to harm.

Their fake stories will keep coming. Fear-inducing events will continue to be staged. All of it for our benefit, learning, and adaptation.

And then it’ll all be over, and perhaps you’ll be back for another go.