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Grate Expectations

Sunday, December 28th, 2014

bring-it-all-back---cover-artworkall our expectations of another ever do is set us up for pain and disappointment – and the more we’re emotionally attached, the deeper the cuts, the sharper the jabs, the thinner the skin…

if we keep expecting them to change, what we must expect is to keep hurting [ourselves]. it’s a tricky thing, but not so complex.

our culture is orientated heavily toward immediate gratification, with an emphasis on what’s in it for me? and me first! – essentially a gross imbalance in the idea of entitlement. their uses are varied, and they can be subtle, though nonetheless cumulative in their negative vibe, eroding genuine connection and isolating our hearts.

these notions have no place in healthy relationships. nor does martyrdom, which is the polar opposite, emotionally; the uneasy mismatch of unworthiness and self-sacrifice:

if i can give enough of myself, maybe they’ll change…
if they can give enough of themselves, maybe i’ll change…

when we both give authentically of who we truly are, we’re free to fully, honestly be ourselves.

where there is space for genuine expression, there is harmonious spirit. allow for love’s simplicity to bring heart-centered clarity. challenge the old, painful habits and impulses (ie. jumping to conclusions, assuming the worst first). question the need to complicate communication. breathe into the healing that’s always available at the speed of thought. know you are safe, always.

we are more. we are enough.

love your life,

Bring It All Back

Give Them Your Voice

Friday, December 5th, 2014


give them your voice.
speak authentically. vulnerability is not weakness.
sing jubilantly. sing passionately. sing your song.
scream revolution – a love revolution.
silently write your story. share what is you.
softly whisper your romance. love be your guide.
give them your voice.

love your life,

Elevate (Trippy Hop Remix)

In Training

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

I-Feel-Again-xit takes significant effort to maintain constraints and limitations, buffers, delays; roadblocks to your natural, highest potential and purpose.

what if you were to consider all of it part of your self-imposed training?

there are strengths, skills, and abilities that require a certain formula to surface in what will inevitably empower you – in your unique way – to excel in just the ways you’ve always had it in your heart to do.

though the process may seem distant, distorted, disconnected and untimely – nevermind frustrating, vexing, spirit-crushing and bleak – these are mere minimalist perceptions of the grand design.

there are no victims here, remember?

love your life,

Shut It Down (Turn It Off)