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In Training

Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

I-Feel-Again-xit takes significant effort to maintain constraints and limitations, buffers, delays; roadblocks to your natural, highest potential and purpose.

what if you were to consider all of it part of your self-imposed training?

there are strengths, skills, and abilities that require a certain formula to surface in what will inevitably empower you – in your unique way – to excel in just the ways you’ve always had it in your heart to do.

though the process may seem distant, distorted, disconnected and untimely – nevermind frustrating, vexing, spirit-crushing and bleak – these are mere minimalist perceptions of the grand design.

there are no victims here, remember?

love your life,

Shut It Down (Turn It Off)

See the Glow

Saturday, July 5th, 2014


we can see and feel that massive, systemic change is underway, and we’re resistant. all we have known, and the remnants of borrowed ideas from our parents is under scrutiny and in question. the binding agent of our beliefs in what has been is fragmenting; disintegrating.

the rebirthing process will allow us access to rapid alchemical transmutation, re-using energies and materials to expedite upgrades, integration, elevation and accordance to our new cumulative vibration.

do you see how you glow?

there is no grand mystery here, more so a cloud – a fog is lifting and evaporating. our human consciousness is demanding nothing less, for we’ve reached the tipping point when positivity outweighs negativity, where manufactured shadows are perforated by natural light, and we’re actively reconnecting with the deepest truth – beyond words, thoughts, and beliefs.

we’re seeing the script, and recognizing ourselves in the writer.

but, we are resistant. so much is so new we don’t recall that we’ve been here before… here and so very far beyond. yet, here we are, now, anticipating, experiencing, exploring, diving deep… resonating with a truer frequency, examining with heightened senses.

dissatisfied with the archaic and ineffective, we’re embracing the “what if?” and “what else is possible?” – in all areas of life, in every society and culture. this is the ultimate bottom-up revolution, led by spirit and heart – infused with the knowing at the very core of who and what we really are.

do you feel how you glow?

see the magnificence in every blade of grass, every drop of water, every blink of an eye and every musical thought. you’re alive in the vast arena; you very much exist. you matter, and you are essential to all-that-is. remember?

love your life,

Nothing To Fear

To Be Happy

Sunday, May 25th, 2014

concrete stairwaychoose to be happy, now, then pursue your dreams and elevate your life to a truly joyful experience.

if you “fail” you’re still, only, happy.

the point of power is here, now, not in the “i’ll be happy when…” future of your imagination. be aware of how often that statement (declaration) comes into your mental process. you’re giving away your power; your foresight, intuition, motivation, physical health, and peace of mind. if/when a situation resolves – as per your aforementioned conditions – you’re not happy! you’ve been operating at a negative energetic balance, focused on anger, frustration, impatience, judgment and lack.

there’s a great deal of personal accountability, and responsibility to your truth at play here. if you’re constantly in situations or circumstances that inspire you to want to be elsewhere – such as the future – then you’re not really here, and you’re not really there, either. you’re fragmented.

genuine happiness, thus, would seem to offer itself as an anchor into the present.

choose to be happy, now, and the “when” is moot. you afford yourself a lightness of being that infuses the entire journey, and expedites your experience toward that which you prefer – while allowing you more, consistent, unhindered energy and creativity, and thus the people, places, and opportunities that resonate with your higher vibrational state.

“Remember the greatest secret of all: loving and serving yourself and others is key to fulfillment, happiness, and inner peace.” ~ Marc Allen

love your life,

Bring It All Back (The Ones)