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Our Voice

Our voice. It’s our style, our perspective, our reality, and when we’re in an authentic state, our note; it’s a resonance unique to us, across time and space.

It can alarm, and agitate. It can heal or harm. It can calm, and relax. It alters the state of mind, within, and without. It represents, or misleads. It can focus, or fragment, filigree, or fluster. It communicates both the conscious, and unconscious.

Our voice can find the path of least resistance, to keep us present, and reach deep into our being, distill truth, and touch the source.

It connects all of our stories, our histories, past, present and future.

Our being, is our voice. Our doing, is our voice.

We choose how to speak, when to speak, with whom to speak, and why to speak. We choose to make noise, and we choose silence.

When it’s important — when we’re courageous, inspired, and ignited — with a deep breath, we stand and we speak up.

When we defer to judgment, impatience, and fear — when we forget our power, and reach instead for control — we talk down.

When we fall in love — when we embrace those foolish, life-affirming moments — with quivering voice, we spill our guts, and empty our trusting hearts.

With our voice, we sing, chant, incant, enchant, intone, inform, reform, emote, vote, and inspire. It is our signature. It is our identity, and it is our responsibility.

Our voice is our purpose and our expression. Our voice is our art, and an integral part of humanity’s palette.

In whatever ways we choose to use it, to give it, to enjoy and to share it, use it we must, for no one has a voice just like us.

Love your life,