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Lesly Juarez - Unsplash

Mindset for Massive Change

This is a clip from a recent interview with Dr. Ellen Langer on Jordan Peterson’s podcast. It’s very, very powerful data, touching about profound ideas we’ve all probably heard about many times in our lives, but are constantly distracted, misled, misinformed, mind controlled, or propagandized away from knowing and living by.

Life in this realm is simple. But if you watch and ingest the persistent programming in the news, tv, film, social media, video games, and the massively distorted leanings of modern education, you’ll be so far off the rails you won’t know left from right, and certainly not right from wrong, true from false.

The mind is a very powerful thing. Do you see how a “virus” doesn’t have to exist (they don’t in the real world) for you to act like it does, for you to get sick, for you to see around you and believe that it is making other people sick, and that you’re going to “catch it” from them?

It’s all fiction. It’s all perception.

Invisible enemies exist only in your mind. But they can be very very effective enemies.

Mindset. Healing. Perception. Reality creation. It’s all on you. You are the locus.