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The Threat Is Enough

Most of the things we fear will happen are entirely products of our minds and imagination. Symptoms of our accumulated patterning, programming, and conditioning make for fertile soil within which our minds can quickly and repeatedly generate worry, fear, and stress. Unfortunately, the world around us (that is, the unnatural, man-made world) has a bent toward reminding us perpetually about the threats that exist to our health and safety, our money and security, our planet, our rights and freedoms, and more.

The threat is enough. Given these conditions, the mere suggestion of terrible futures and outcomes there could be, for many, is enough to trigger latent energies, traumas and unexamined toxic beliefs that continually redirect, fragment and consume our time and energy on a daily basis.

By Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

Persistent triggering leads inevitably to chronic dis-ease of the mind, body, and spirit. Much of this operates on a subconscious level, wherein we cannot see nor be aware of the processes in operation. Our subconscious doesn’t miss a thing as far as our extrinsic influences and sources of information are concerned. Consider that deeply. It’s critical to be conscious and vigilant as to what kind of inputs and programming, people and environments we expose ourselves to (but not to be paranoid). Today, with the proliferation of billions of “smart” digital devices, the screens we’re staring at are certainly capable of being portals of communication, creativity, learning and personal elevation, and at the same time, attention-demanding addictions with which we unwittingly drain, strain and exhaust ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally.

The threat is enough to keep us in a persistent fight-or-flight, survival mindset. Without any meaningful periods of respite, nor opportunities to down-regulate into a healthier state, before long, a new homeostasis is defined. It becomes an uncomfortable, unhealthy, yet tolerable state wherein it’s normal to be irrational, off-balance, unfocused, randomly panicked, or unable to get a decent rest – not without the intervention of chemicals, tinctures, supplements, extended vacations, and therapies. Even our dreams may suffer from the overload of unsettling (and frequently faked) images, symbols, messages, and stories.

By Nikko Macaspac on Unsplash

As time goes on, we become increasingly susceptible to propaganda and sociopolitical agendas. The cognitive weight of unrelenting, repetitious signaling and subsequent emotional fallout can get to anyone. A society of people with overstimulated minds is easier to manipulate, separate and divide; it is easier to capture and coerce the crowds when what makes sense and what is real is reduced to what is preached ad nauseam from political pulpits.

“The enemy” can be anyone, but especially those whom the dominant narrative deem to be a threat. They become “the others,” the lesser-than-us (“us” being the righteous mob, acting in accordance with dominant ideologies, mandates and dictates, for the greater good) regardless of whether they’re strangers, family members, or close friends. They become the emergency outlet for the mounting pressures of divisive sociopolitics, blind obedience to the popular narrative, worry, and stress; a convenient avatar onto which we may project our worst fears and concerns.

Damn them! Why won’t they just fall in line? People are dying, and I want to feel safe! Those idiots don’t deserve to have the same freedoms as us!

Historical records demonstrate for us quite vividly where this can all lead. What’s worse, is that the entire scenario is founded on fiction, logical fallacies and outright lies.

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The threat is enough to generate a domino-effect that collapses (or collides) one reality into another. A broadly effective schism forms, wherein the process of societal and cultural and political divisions become entrenched. Both sides are in the right. Both sides are fighting for their beliefs, and what they consider to be justifiably legitimate and true. Both sides will argue that the other is insane. One side, however, generally has the support of the state, and/or the corporate consensus, and thus, the media.

Yet, regardless of immense resources and widespread influence, the pressure to maintain the fabricated narrative (like any lie) will crack under the weight of its own details.

But the damage is done, and it is massive.

It has happened before, and it will happen again. The agreement within which we collectively engage – the idea of a nation, and of the greater civilization – is a transient one. Civilizations rise and fall as a great and unstoppable tide. Are we ready for massive change?

By Mo on Unsplash
By Mo on Unsplash

Our work is to be personally responsible for our physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. We need to be resilient in order to functionally and adequately discern, be informed about, and educated enough to determine whether perceived and conceived threats are genuine (the vast majority are not, and provably so).

Our challenge is to heed the call to conscious action, whatever that may mean to us, and to better listen to and understand the natural world. There are no lies in nature.

Solvitur ambulando