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the dark side

we live in a world suffused by powerful creative energies. we implement these forces minute by minute to define and design our individual and collective reality.

we don’t likely spend much time thinking about it all in such poetic or romantic terms, as “realistically” things don’t seem to be anything but a collection of notions, ideas, beliefs and ceaseless activity.

each of us choose where we wish to inhabit the vast spectrum of potentiality and purpose. we can be utterly pragmatic, or logical, driven and passionate, desirous and objective. we can be pacifist, intuitive, sensitive and considerate.

we can view the world as a battlefield, or a garden. we can enlist in the army of our own accomplishments and gain, or we can know and exist from our ineffable place in the great consciousness that intertwines and entangles this world, and all others.

look outside. what is predominant on this playing field at the moment?

we’re completely drunk on the ideas of what’s capital and commercial and artificial. we’re ok with spreading out all over the world, consuming everything in our path, under the flag of “progress”.

most decision makers around the world are impotent at best, bowing to multinational interests and currency valuation. they’re the worst kind of cowards because they believe themselves to be of service to the greater good.

true, unified progress inches forward, under constant duress from the marauding madness of the wilful and destructive.

in the end, it seems we’re doomed, or destined, to forever exist on the edge of either complete annihilation, or complete revolution, while being fully aware of both. only in fiction and fantasy does the idealistic exist and get afforded any entertainment. our greatest heroes come from comic books, several centuries in the future, or from a galaxy, far, far away.

if we’re to persist only in an odd balance of the clumsy predictability of light vs. dark – of which we’re evidently leaning toward the latter right now – will that suffice?

it has been thus for millennia. so the story is as familiar as the DNA that carries it forward, one generation to the next. dark ages, ages of enlightenment, suppression, expression, inhale, exhale. there’s nothing new in the world, even if at times we’re wide-eyed at our rather rudimentary technological advances… even now, afraid of what will come of A.I.

if we’re intent on tripping over the outdated ideas of profit, jobs, earning, competition, money and taxes, oppressive and dysfunctional bureaucracy, we’re already well cooked. we know next level is overdue.

but, if the pattern holds, it’ll soon balance out, in one form or another. unfortunately, it’s likely to be violent.

think about what you think about, 95% or more of your days. think about what you feed, in the collective consciousness.

think about how everything you be and do matters, even if part of you believes in the overwhelming bias, consistently and repeatedly proliferated, suggesting it does not.

we can shift the nature of things.

solvitur ambulando

© 2018 Trance Blackman

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