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We’re feeling it. Time.

We’re seeing those forked paths establish with a certain quickening. Jobs and choices and decisions and their ensuing confluence of events are becoming obvious before we physically go through all of the motions.

We’re seeing parents age. Buildings and old familiar things are wearing out and dull in color. We try to hide the weight of time’s passage with paint or hair dye or replanting the same plants that are content to simply do their thing and die.

So we don’t want to waste time, because having even a hint of foresight and intuitive judgment negates the possibility of comfortably idling, playing nice, being polite, or listening to our own well-practiced bullshit.

We know that we are better than that. We feel the courage bubbling underneath, certainly if we’re not in the practice of taking chances and daring greatly. We’re feeling the impulses to direct our energies inward, and thus outward into a more genuine way of being.

We know that settling is hurting us. Social parameters don’t always allow for the upset and chaos of unpredictability or would sooner deem us self-righteous, self-serving, self-centered or some other reductive slant on taking care of what truly moves us, feeds us, and fulfils us.

We’re masters at bending ourselves to fit scenarios, of tolerating unimaginable imbalance, and of “powering through” to get by, to be responsible, to be productive, to be accepted, accredited, and validated by the externals and predetermined framework.

We also know, or eventually come to know, that’s all crap.

More and more awareness is boiling to the surface. More and more heart-centered leaders, teachers, heretics and shit-disturbers are sparking our boldness, pushing us out of comfort zones and into growth, authenticity, vulnerability and resonance. More information is aligning in our streams of consciousness that is initiating the willing.

More and more we’re dancing lightly into an intuitive age that incorporates all the clumsy details, learnings, hardship, struggle, emptiness, and maligned, short-sighted perceptions. If you make an effort, you’ll find there is less noise, and more substance.

You’re free to be you.

Solvitur ambulando