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Koshu Kunii - Unsplash

Race Wars: Fake and Well Funded

Generation after generation keeps falling into the same cycle. None of it exists in nature, but you can bet that your nature gets weaponized against you. It doesn’t matter where in the realm you hail from, because they play this game in all cultures, societies, religions, financial, and political organizations. Wherever they can drive a wedge, there will be a scheme to play you against your fellow humans.

Racism is a lie. Genderism is a lie. Socialism is a lie. Climate alarmism is a lie. Politics are a lie. Poverty is a lie — a club they beat incessantly on the drum of the failed and misguided idea of democracy. These are for-profit control mechanisms that are as old as time. Less screen time, more (old) books, and more nature time. Less wage slavery and more entrepreneurship. Less digital zooming and more face-to-face time away from your device addictions and force-fed, mind-numbing screen media and entertainment dependency.

Identify too much with the skin you’re in, your fake and owned political party, your rainbow flag affiliation, your fear and panic about the climate, or your bank account, and they own you. It’s all in your mind. It’s a construct, and you fell for it. So what? Shift.

The human race is just that: one family. That doesn’t mean we’re all the same. It’s the opposite. We are individuated sparks of Light with reason, purpose, meaning, and a story all our own. But we achieve nothing on our own, whether we are socially, racially, or politically divided. That’s the psyop.

It’s a psyop.

Look closer. Be more courageous. Grow up and out of their patterning and programming. Break the cycle, within and without.

Amplify the light.

Inspired by: How the BANKS Created a Fake Race War