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by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

A Story for the Ages

There is no pandemic. There never was, and I would argue there never has been one – at least not as historical or anecdotal accounts now present, interpret, or perceive them.

It is very, very difficult to know the truth of recent, and especially, ancient history.

There are numerous reasons why groups and collectives of people may go through apparent outbreaks and widespread, sometimes deadly adaptive, or healing phases. We tend to ascribe these events to germs and pathogens because of the persistent, limited framework and epistemological narrative of the captured, Pharma-funded, Scientistic medical establishment. But contagion has never been proven. And so-called viruses have never been isolated – except in plants, though the terminology is suspect. A much broader, cross-pollination of research is needed, wherein causative factors far beyond the microscopic, materialistic, and mechanistic are considered and explored. The challenge in the modern era is that medical science is now a dogmatic, revisionist arena, fraught with dishonesty and misinformation.

Human beings are far more impressive, capable, resilient, and energetic than the chemicals, needles, and knives of industrial, materialistic medicine will allow for. I believe this is holding us back as a civilization, and perpetuating incredible harm, relegated to the whims and agendas of corporate profiteers, politicians, and the powerful few who seem to feed (at least financially) off widespread suffering and pain.

We need to know what is real. We have to push past the propaganda, fear campaigns, and ignorance of indoctrination to begin that journey.

. . .

The idea of natural immunity is misunderstood and incomplete. The idea of vaccination and endless injections is an atrocious aberration of pseudoscientific gibberish that is an absolute fiction, and is still being used in the modern era as justification for continued crimes against humanity.

If pharmaceuticals are so miraculous and necessary, why is it that over 50% of children today have chronic illness, have more allergies, more autism, more developmental challenges and more cognitive and emotional issues than ever before?

Why do injuries and deaths induced by modern medicine continue to be on the rise?

If your adult mind still hangs on the invalid, insane reasoning behind the notion that more and more injected, experimental medical potions will save you, save us all from the media-induced, medical-mafia-funded onslaught of viral contagions, you need to open your eyes.

A real existential threat wouldn’t require incessant propaganda, fear porn, censorship, canceling, and outright lies in the media, all day, every day, everywhere in the world.

. . .

The evidence could suggest that one of the “side effects” of this campaign is the deletion of living historical records, in the hearts, minds and bodies of the elders. They’ve seen this before.

Many elders have recently died in long-term care, or nursing homes. Separated from family. Separated from anything resembling conscience, perhaps, as healthcare practitioners all follow the meaningless, irrational, mechanistic “outbreak” protocols and guidelines.

And now, those who are healthy, who have no reason whatsoever to be afraid of any contagion, having better than a 99.7% “chance of survival” are being coerced, threatened, bullied, bribed, brainwashed, programmed and conditioned to accept the inevitable: the idea – not science, not fact, not data, not reason – of a pandemic is reason enough to pursue psychopathic, experimental medical procedures and wasteful, terrorizing, unnecessary measures.

This script has been reused and recycled repeatedly over the past 200 years, causing massive harm, many millions of deaths, and innumerable injuries. The injection agenda has immeasurably altered the natural human.

It has yet to be supported by truth and reality. It is dogma, religious ritual, and blind faith. It is commerce and control. It is murder and manipulation on a massive scale.

Being “approved” by crony capitalist agencies does NOT mean safe, nor effective.

Do not comply.

. . .

Wake up. Open your eyes. Pay attention. Stop listening to the propaganda and use your adult mind. How does this get better, the more they impose upon our freedoms? How does it get better, for anyone, the more they push and get away with implementing these nonsense agendas?

The more government overreach, intrusion, tracking, tracing, funding, nationalizing, and controlling, the worse our options.

Covid is a fraud. Climate change is a fraud. Lockdowns are unlawful. Mandates and vaccine passports are unlawful. Elections are a fraud. Everywhere you look, more lies, corruption and childish, ignorant nonsense.

What do you stand for? What do you want? What are you doing here? What kind of world are you creating for your children?

. . .

Are you aware? Are you playing along? Are you buying into the lies, captured by the mob morality? Are you being a weak-minded, fair-weather citizen? Are you afraid of the coronavirus? Are you sold on the ways of the medical mafia?

Some generations from now, they’ll be reading about this hoax in historical records, though likely never reading anything truthful, as most are regarding the mainstream narrative as gospel, as a conditioned, dumbed-down society is programmed to do. Most have succumbed to a mass psychosis. But, perhaps enough have not, and perhaps, just enough, are waking up amid the tremors and tribulations.

History is in the making, regardless of which “side” you’re on.

The concepts of good and evil originate in social dynamics of belonging and rejection. One way to signal membership in decent society is to profess the prevailing opinions, showing one’s loyalty to the group. The more absurd the opinion, the more effective it is as a badge of loyalty. More generally, one demonstrates virtue by adhering to the taboos and rituals that the group upholds. Totalitarian forces exploit this basic tendency toward group cohesion. To be orthodox is to conform, to conform is to be good. To dissent or rebel is, by the same token, to be evil.

Charles Eisenstein

Someone profits from anything and everything you are terrified of. Someone wants to own your thoughts, beliefs, and values. Don’t be such an easy target.

. . .

You’ve been convinced to believe that wearing a stylish mask is protecting you. And that your child should do the same. You’re lining up with other masked faces to receive an injection. For your protection. And your child should be able to do the same. They’re making it very easy to get the next shot, and the next, and the next… They’re offering a passport, a misnomer for an unlawful certificate, soon to be necessary (by fiat, by coercion) to gain entry to ports of entertainment, recreation, education, travel and more.

You believe this is all for the greater good. You don’t question it, and cannot understand why many seem to be hesitant, resisting (even protesting!) the many ways in which public health officers, politicians, health practitioners and your family physician are making it so easy to do what is right and responsible. What’s wrong with them? Not everything is a conspiracy. People are dying!

If this is all copacetic with you and yours, please, get on the train.

Solvitur ambulando