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Welcome. I’m Trance.

I’m a music artist, writer, and media producer.

I am a seeker of truth. In my journal, you’ll find posts, articles, and essays that apply philosophy, research, and reason to observations and opinions delving into the metaphysics of life. I aim to contribute toward our collective conscious awareness and to share my experience as to the makings of a fulfilling life.

My music is infused with the same spirit, and varies greatly in style, genre, and mood. Awaken.

I enjoy photography and work in film/media production. I am a voice artist.

I walk a lot, mostly in nature. I’m always learning, discerning, exploring, distilling, and working my way toward awakened knowledge that can only come from within. I’ve always enjoyed writing about the seemingly complex nature of this realm we inhabit. It is in my nature to care about this world and to innerstand, appreciate, awaken, and co-create meaningfully with others while I’m here.

Read a little more about my story here.

Thanks for stopping by.

Solvitur ambulando