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Abundance in Concept

“This thought of abundance must lift the mind beyond the bounds of limitation. To conceive abundance, one must relinquish all thoughts of things in particular. This concept is so large that it will not permit the thought of detail. To hold it in mind, consciousness must swing far out into the Universal and revel in the joyousness of perfect freedom.”

So fully loaded is this concept, and it carries an infinity of translation and practicable application. These concepts are not simply idealistic. We’ve been conditioned by ignorant, suppressed systems and minds for millennia, and rather than fostering an atmosphere of easy expansion, we persist in the states of grasping, needing, wanting, forcing, pushing and missing. A very masculine, pain-body perspective. This is shifting, as you can tell.

It is well within reach to those who commit to the reacquisition of their pristine origin; conscious awareness is a process of discovery, emergent through the fostering of the “perfect freedom” from within. What seems evident is that it is upon us to claim our birthright as the child of the living Universe.

Don’t get stuck in the details. Get deep into the limitless. You’ve asked. Let go.

Solvitur ambulando