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Mamas and the Trans Trance

In my opinion, and I understand that this is a contentious issue in this day and age, the most important thing for women to be in life is mothers. Not all women, of course. Why? Simply put, it is critical to the health, survival, and proliferation of the human species — unless you believe in the lies of climate alarmism or population control, the “threat” of A.I. or transhumanism, malignant transgenderism, or a variety of other pseudoscientific nonsense.

Of the two sexes, it is only women who are biologically, physiologically, emotionally, and psychologically perfectly designed to be mothers. This is obvious to anyone with a few neurons still firing and the ability to think logically and rationally. This is obvious to most anyone over the age of 30. So, why is it that the value of womanhood and motherhood as natural, normal, aspirational, and inspiring is contested?

These straightforward facts contain no hint of a conspiracy. There is nothing controversial, either, but power-hungry institutional tyrants and mainstream storytellers have been bent out of shape by all-pervasive propaganda, which biases and pollutes science and data while effortlessly capturing and corrupting our complacent and obedient media. The trans trance is disrupting daily social activities, and educators, philosophers, pundits, and politicians are caught in the middle, paid, coerced, or otherwise cajoled into obsequiously siding with the statistically evident minority in order to push the delusional and divisive ideological messaging.

In terms of motherhood, everything we hope for, work for, strive for, and build in a lifetime is left behind and beyond us for those who follow, having survived the establishment’s cruel and unusual efforts to destroy all hope, aspirations, and security they may have had as children about the future or what they wanted to be when they grew up. Only the blithe hyper-narcissist believes that they are the sole reason for being, doing, or accomplishing anything, and it is clear that outrageous solipsistic narcissism is the central theme of this and the next generation. The obstinate and vocal minority asserts that there are no men, women, boys, or girls. Instead, there is a spectrum of social constructs, and one’s identity is as fluid as the weather. This deplorable attack on the essence of humanity and general collective sanity did not happen overnight. This convergence of inhuman and unnatural agendas has been developing over generations.

What we’ve witnessed over the last seventy years or so is the widespread capture and clever corruption of multiple waves of the feminist movement. One of the most significant sociopolitical and sociological consequences has been the persistent erosion of manhood and masculinity, which manifests itself in subsequent generations as less and less healthy masculine expression. It is important to note that “toxic masculinity” does not exist. This widely used and wildly misleading misnomer simply refers to the absence and scarcity of masculinity as embodied and expressed. Only males with a severe lack of embodied masculine expression and understanding are violent, dangerous, sexist, abusive, or controlling. Unfortunately, the same is true for females who have suppressed or impeded their natural feminine expression. The further we deviate from our natural, balanced selves, the more toxic, dangerous, and malevolent we act and become — both individually and as a society.

On the one hand, although there are more strong women, there are fewer mothers, two-parent families, and healthy babies. Abortion rates have also increased around the world. Today, there are an increasing number of weak, soft, and confused men, and to make matters worse, we have widespread and aggressive identity and gender politics that are confusing, deluding, and destroying the hearts and minds of boys and girls. It should come as no surprise, then, that this movement is simultaneously threatening and abrogating many of the very things for which feminists and the LGBT community have fought their entire lives. It’s a horrific and dangerous game — a psychological operation if there ever was one — that someone, somewhere planned, massively funded, and systematically carried out.

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These days, all a man needs to do to become a woman is declare himself to be one. This admission grants him access to female sports, female prisons, women’s change rooms and washrooms, and, for the truly lost, dazed, and confused, legal rights as a female. Worse, there are “gender clinicians” who are only too eager to cut off his genitals and inject him with chemicals that will castrate and destroy the very essence of who he was born to be. None of this madness has long-term scientific validity, research, or studies to back it up. Anyone who defends this nonsense is part of the problem and has been successfully brainwashed. Your confusion and cowardice endanger women and children.

Similarly, a girl can identify as a boy, and these same clinicians will happily agree to cut off her breasts, mutilate her vagina, and probably remove her uterus, because, if she wants to have them later in life, she can get new ones… Just consider the sheer and vulgar callousness of that way of thinking. They’ll prescribe all manner of chemical and artificial methods for suppressing and destroying what she was born with, causing unknown harm and providing no evidence that what they’re doing is beneficial to the individuals involved. Naturally, the number of “detransitioners” has been growing since this deranged program subverted and converted the ever-willing psychopaths of the Cult of the Medics. It’s difficult to see any light at the end of this tunnel.

And, of course, I am the bigot for daring to write such an article, right? If we’re being honest, and we live in a time when being honest is considered offensive, we know that this trans trance is a slippery slope. How can it be otherwise?

We see that an entire generation of young minds has been deeply programmed, perverted, and misled by agendas that they are clearly unaware of and have no knowledge about. Their emotions and impressionable psychological weaknesses have been disrupted early in life and, as a result, weaponized against them, and the younger they are, the more easily they are influenced by these twisted and reality-altering lies. The murderous virus and vaccine agenda is similar in that it is always and forever aimed at children, which is made all the easier once they have persuaded enough confused, fearful, and ignorant adults to support their toxic, life-destroying program. This will inevitably result in years of unnecessary confusion and suffering — though it appears that it will benefit someone greatly. As I’ve often asked in my writing, cui bono? These widespread and rapidly implemented agendas all have benefactors and operators, and it is clear to me that they are at work at all levels of government and in all modern institutions. The Message is ubiquitous and on constant repeat.

Certainly, there are a few who may have experiences that today’s psychiatric professionals would label as gender dysphoria, but transgenderism, and the aggressive, flag-waving, social movement behind it, would have you believe that it is as common as a pimple, and that children should “have the right” to decide for themselves what gender they want to be, and shouldn’t have to be told they are a boy or a girl, or forcibly assigned a gender at birth. It should be noted, as it is obvious, that “gender” is being widely conflated with the scientific fact of biological sex. The human species has two sexes: male and female. Gender is a story, a narrative, a social identity, and a construct. So, in that light, one may freely express themselves as whatever they want, but to claim that you are not the sex to which you were born is manipulative, damaging, and delusional.

The “trans” psyop is a convoluted shitstorm by design, but it is a particularly clever one, attacking the very essence of what it means to be a healthy human being. The LGBT community is saying the same thing: on the one hand, their hard-won societal progress is subsumed and misrepresented, while also being attacked by the rabid trans movement. Gender politics of this kind are a toxic, misguided, and purposefully divisive blight on the human landscape. Those who carefully and tactfully implemented it are fully aware of this. They understand exactly what motivates people to act the way they do. They are experts (and hire, train, organize, and lavishly compensate experts) at spreading The Message and ensuring that it appears on every screen, every magazine cover, in every major studio film, every popular streaming series, and, of course, in every school. It exists everywhere, every day, all the time, and all at once.

It’s not natural. It is completely fabricated. It is an agenda, one that is extremely malevolent, disruptive, and destructive.

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And so, I will reiterate that the most important job a woman may have in this life is being a mother. Now, perhaps more than ever, women must make the effort to reclaim their place as matriarchs and recognize that there is a dire need for strong men to step up and be fathers, partners, protectors, and spiritual warriors. We must also never forget that we are never alone. There are communities everywhere that want to connect with you and support you, and if not, it is up to you to start one in your own backyard. Isolation and division are how the negative aspects of this realm maintain control and more easily manipulate the population. When we are all convinced that we’re not in this together and that we have to look out for number one, we will fall into their traps, unwittingly and assuredly.

It is our responsibility to better inform and educate ourselves as the airwaves are rife with powerful and repetitive messaging, with little to no discernment or criticism coming from the busy and distracted masses. But perhaps this is how it has always been and may always be. Revolution and restoration are done from the ground up. It happens in small gatherings and by campfires. It is found through the arts, in music, film, writing, and poetry. It is uncovered in honest and open discussion and debate, not simply ad hominem attacks from behind social media avatars and armchair activism.

Question everything. Love your life.

Solvitur ambulando