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Who Are You?

Who are you, and why are you here?

Right now is the opportunity to take a good hard look at your many aspects and wavering intentions. The game is being laid out before you, and you need to decide just how you’re going to participate.

Read the room, as it were. Check your resistance, and consider if it’s worth the pain and repercussions, or if you’re just wasting resources fighting something that is not even relevant to the real battle.

Many people throw around the idea of authenticity, myself included, and it has in large part become a buzzword of the spiritual/self-help crowd. I think we introduce it carelessly and generously into our conscious, cognitive spaces to see where it might really fit, what it might gift us, reveal within us, and what it genuinely means. Eventually, we stop simply saying it, and start actually authoring our story through and by it. Your reasons and rationale are your own. Trust yourself.

Our world, our collective spirit, is agitated. We are hypersensitized, polarized, exasperated and fragmented. As a result, we have generated a massive summoning space for big questions and important, life defining choices to explode into. The search for meaning is blasting off like fireworks all around us, and many are getting burned, shocked, stunned or unpleasantly surprised. Our values are being exposed, directly challenged, and put to the test. Our human rights and liberties are right there, too, concentrating the volatile fuels in the mix.

Intensity. Passion. Unrest. Family. Presence. Sovereignty. Legacy.

Purpose. Not simply function and utility. Soul-center expression. Connection. Energy exchange. Elevation. Awakening and endurance. Unity and heart-based communication.

The real you. We need it now.

Solvitur ambulando

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