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What’s Old is New; Life Adapts

What if the same old solutions are the catalyst for widespread disease? What seems quite evident is that restrictions, military presence, police harassment, and the oppressive, violent seesaw of mandates and lockdowns are causing the problem.

A territorial fear can be shared by people of large regions, for example, during a natural disaster, during wartimes, or through scares of terrorist attacks or pandemic fear-mongering (AIDS, SARS, Swine Flu, and the like) by the media.

Learning GNM

This link offers an incredibly interesting, and perhaps mind-expanding explanation, based on German New Medicine, of what and how these “outbreaks” may be occurring.

Let’s be clear. This is spiritual and psychological warfare.

Thought-mind-body. Insults, conflicts, resolutions, and healing. We are powerful, more than we know. When those forces are turned against us through persistent fear propaganda, remarkably ignorant medical science and childish politics, our bodies do what they naturally do to keep us alive, and what we label as disease is a very natural process of healing – though it may not be a pleasant experience. We must empower ourselves by what this suggests, how it presents, and to trust that we can and will heal, once the conflicts are resolved.

Conventional medicine claims that “viral pneumonia” is caused by viruses, notably by influenza viruses that purportedly caused the Spanish Flu pandemic after the First World War or, in our days, SARS, the Bird Flu, the Swine Flu, and the like. However, none of the influenza viruses have ever been scientifically verified. Threats of a global “influenza pandemic”, however, can trigger territorial fear and existence conflicts among the population resulting in a fast increase of influenza cases.

Learning GNM

A Twitter post, shared August 14, 2021, reads:

IM (Twitter)

Consider that these “waves” always occur weeks and months AFTER the alerts, mandates, and restrictions are imposed, and you begin to see how this is all working, for and against us.

We know the petrochemical pharmaceutical medical mafia is rife with corruption, operates atop long-held fallacies and theoretical nonsense, always pushing to slice, dice, irradiate, toxify, inject, attack and poison – for our health and wellbeing. The body isn’t a machine prone to weakness and failure, forever needing protection from the unseen, and medication for life. The body adapts.

Handle the conflict. Resolve the trauma. Heal.

Solvitur ambulando