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Always on the Defensive

The peaceful ones would prefer to live without distraction and disharmony, to feel safe while being relatively passive (though not idle or inactive), and to pursue happiness without compromise or competition.

To me, as one who would fall into this category, it sounds ideal. However, what requires a good amount of respect and understanding is that living in a light-based universe, we don’t really have that luxury. Light, by default, defines the critical concept that has us frequently — if not constantly — on the defensive: contrast.

Contrast emerges in countless forms. The most prominent of these in the world today manifest as some variation of polarity; left vs right, red vs blue, man vs woman, religion vs reason, science vs scientism, industrial medicine vs nature, bioterrain (terrain theory) vs germ theory. On and on it goes, and should we attach ourselves to any singular ideology (as we are wont to do), we become the ‘other’ to those who choose to attach to something different. It’s the eternal Earthly dance, and slowly it propels us forward through seemingly endless conflict and resolution, challenge and, hopefully, wisdom. Even if it takes a few millennia for enough of us to grow out of the need for dogma and ritual sacrifice, it seems we’d eventually get there. The resolution, as this grand vibrational wave crosses the X-axis again, is a collective that no longer accepts backward and destructive practices.

But is enlightenment, or at least an awakening, assured? The suffering of untold millions around the world would suggest we’re nowhere near becoming the unified, conscious, generous, kind and considerate humans we allegedly aspire to be.

Naturally, we cannot be all-accepting without making significant cognitive compromises. There are simply too many variables, and we’re certainly living in a time of information overload. No one knows what to believe. But, therein also lies the solution. Our minds can only decipher and decode within the parameters we allow ourselves to adopt or discern in a lifetime. Our programming is biased toward our environments, which are inevitably laden with beliefs, ideologies and generational trauma. Should we consciously choose to escape these boundaries, we have the chance to see beyond those layers of ignorance. But, doing so can pit us against those who care most for us, or those who rely on our loyalty. This isn’t a risk everyone would readily choose to take. Entire nation states can suffer within this fierce and cyclical bubble reality, as generation after generation indoctrinate their young from a position of fear and trauma, dooming them to repeat the sins and stupidity of their heritage.

As humans, we generally feel the need to belong to something, or to have a tribe. It can even be a tribe of one. We have boundless creative energy, and it is essential to have a potent outlet, to have or find or practice a passion. If we limit ourselves only to being and doing that which others have done before, we can get by. We can survive. We can fit in and belong. But some part of us will be left wanting, and the wanting will intrude into other areas of life. We know this, yet our only defense is to push harder into places that will never resolve our pain.

The world is heavy with ideas and entities to resist and defend against. In all areas of life, there can be reason for concern and the need to insure and protect our interests and our loved ones. But remember that what to you may seem mundane and insignificant, may be an insurmountable challenge to another — yet those things we all tend to worry about, we all worry about to one degree or another. We forget that our closest neighbors, and all of our fellow humans of Earth, are part of this grand, incalculable experience, and we are experiencing it together.

What you think and be and do matters. What you believe will likely have to change, to grow or expand. What you choose to protect has value, but if everything in your life is about defense and resistance, you may be missing out on everything else a life here has to offer.

Solvitur ambulando