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We Need to Start…

This is a common phrase I hear in podcasts and interviews with people who are aiming to enlighten, awaken, inform, inspire and shake-up the paradigms to move humanity toward collective solutions and peaceful progress. I think it’s important to approach all of these ideas differently.

We need to continue; we need to continue stepping forward with our authentic desires, our deeper knowing, and our consideration for all, not just our personal interests and concerns. In the back of our minds, if we choose to pause and think about it, we know that we cannot focus on simply our own needs, or our family’s needs, without considering the impact and influence everything we say, do and be has on the world. Every dollar spent maintains the old narratives and corporate structures, or it shifts the energy elsewhere. Every hour invested in earning those dollars is the same.

We need to continue questioning and seeing through the obvious delusions of power that those who benefit from taking it still crave to exercise. We need to continue realizing that the governments of the world have failed us and do not have our best interests in mind. They are corporate entities, charged with maintaining artificial boundaries and borders, unconsciously and unwittingly keeping humanity segmented and separated, attached to outdated ideas of nationality, patriotism, and race.

It’s far too late to simply get started. Millions of people are leading the way, hoping and waiting for the rest of us to get on board with the necessary courage to step up and out of the shadows, routine, and rigmarole. We must continue to support the causes that aim to replace backward, broken and failed systems across the world. We must continue to unlearn the conditions and programs that have an unsavory stickiness, spanning generations, that only serve special interests and myopic megaconsumers. We have all the solutions we need, right now. We need to stop and listen, look and see beyond the fakery, politics, institutional ignorance and coercion, and divisive narratives, to embolden changemakers, innovators and the truly unifying, holistic approaches this world is demanding of us, right now.

We need to continue building the wave of permanent, expansive shifts in our collective consciousness. We’re right in the middle of it in this era, and there’s no looking back. Yes, we’ve made many mistakes — and many are still to be made, as we gravitate and elevate toward broader emotional and spiritual maturity. That requires intent, discipline, and focus. But the momentum is ours; it is us, the 7+ billion reality co-creators, who shall decide what comes next.

Solvitur ambulando