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Close and Far Away

Audio Version (music by Lesfm)

When I was learning how to drive, my mother, who was at the time a driving instructor, would tell me, “Look close and look far away.” Metaphors abound in the everyday.

We must make it a habit of checking in with our heart — our compass — and aspire, inspire, and gratefully anticipate. Nobody but us is at the wheel, and a purposeful adventure necessitates discipline and playful consciousness; we are our best answer, moment by moment. We should be our own best friends. We must listen, feel, and be willing to adjust course.

We cannot adjust our course unless we know where we’re going. Clarity of purpose is derived from that which calls to us and that which drives us — that which no one needs to remind us to do. We discover it through contemplation, imagination, intuition, and taking consistent action to move in the direction of our desires.

We do not, and likely cannot, know how the road may reveal itself. That is the inherent gift of conscious attention and spiritual presence. When we’re truly present in everything, especially the seemingly mundane, it strips away energetic and electrical impediments and unnecessary attachments to that which is extraneous and irrelevant.

You’ll recognize it when you’re ecstatic, nervous, smiling, and full of wide-eyed anticipation.

Look close, and look far away.

Solvitur ambulando

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