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Thinkspace – Thoughts and Things

Every thought creates a probability.

If we could for a moment, observe all the moving pieces — from the solitary atom, to the stellar drift of a star cluster — we may explode our brains. But, losing (letting loose) our mind is the only way to even begin to grasp the cosmic dance at play all around us, through us, within us…

There is practiced thought — as in programs and conditions and engrained influence; internalized externality.

There is observed thought — as in the ceaseless feed we try to ignore or disregard when meditating; random and unfocused.

Then, there is focused intent, which introduces the emotional element. This is our creator-being at work. This is universal law in practice. This is living the mystical life.

This is “the road to self-illuminated mastery,” to borrow a phrase from Andrew Bartzis. When we reach toward our natural, unimpeded, uninhibited selves, we express the loving enlightenment that uncovers and exposes our shaded, subdued aspects.

We can look at our reality quite logically and mathematically. Or we can perceive it and engage it poetically and romantically. Whatever you prefer. The same functions and laws apply.

In its most basic formula, present manifestation equals the past. Present focus and intent (our presence on the playground of the now) equals the future.

As to its application: think, imagine, ideate, dream — guided by the better and best feeling options. Let go; surrender to life and the flow, and see what unfolds. Act upon and do your best with what is offered to you.

It’s up to us whether we choose to maintain a levity, curiosity, and openness about it all. It’s very easy to get lost — frustrated, drained and distracted — in all the “hows” of it, yet everything about our adventure is about the “whys”.

You are in the midst of it! Look again. How does it feel? What are you resisting?
Start with love.

Solvitur ambulando